A Rickshaw Puller In Amritsar Has Written Book On His Experiences With Passengers

Rickshaw pulling was not a choice but a necessity for Singh.

Rajbir Singh (40) a rickshaw puller in the streets of Amritsar, has penned down his experiences with passengers in his book, ‘Rickshaw Tey Chale Zindagi’ (Life on a rickshaw). The book is a compilation of short stories on his 20 years experience till now.

Rickshaw pulling was not a choice but a necessity for Singh. His father’s health deteriorated which forced him to leave studies and pull rickshaw to make the ends meet.  

“With no other source of income visible to me then, I left studies and sat on the rickshaw of my father. It wasn’t that we were ancestrally poor, it was the circumstances that landed me into this profession,” Singh told The Indian Express.

The 14-chapter book, priced at Rs 200, has been published by a Rajpura-based publisher. It’s either the love or pain, grief or sorrow, that bring a writer out of a man, and Singh’s case of no different.

“I started writing because I was in pain. The pain was due to the discrimination that is faced by several poor Sikhs like me. I was watching a television programme, in which rich and well-settled Sikhs were being honoured. It was then that I decided to write about those poor Sikhs who work as mechanics, rickshaw pullers, labourers to run their families. The teachings of Guru Nanak said there is nothing like rich Sikh or poor Sikh. I decided to spread this message through my writing and started sending articles to vernaculars,” said Singh.

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