Rashpal Kaur Performs Gatka on Zee TV's 'Dance India Dance'

After a memorable performance by on Zee TV last year, Rashpal Kaur - a young girl from Chandigarh - has recently performed Gatka on Zee TV's Dance India Dance - reality show. 

The judges were not only taken aback by her performance, but also by the adversity she had experienced.  Rashpal discovered that she had a life threatening brain tumor when she was pregnant.  The treatment she received took away her vision but she was able to deliver a healthy baby boy.

As an ancient martial art, Gatka  is considered a spiritual as well as physical exercise.  It’s an inspiring example of how one can turn pain into something much more powerful.  You can view Rashpal’s performance after the jump.

“I only wished that I could see my son once. I just ask God to lend me my eyesight back for just for three hours so that I can see my child just once,” Rashpal said. But this is one wish that has never got fulfilled for Rashpal.

Rashpal said she is thankful to Dance India Dance for helping me to reach out to so many people. The citizens have shown so much concern and care for me. Before I die I want to do something for my guru Kuljeet-ji and his martial arts school where he teaches young girls about self defense. In today’s times when women are being molested and victimized every other day, I want all the women to learn this martial art form to defend themselves and their dignity.”

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