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The Pagdi Predicament

Gucci’s use of the turban at the Milan Fashion Week has hurt the sentiments of the Sikh community.

In an age where sensibilities are raw, fashion brand Gucci’s use of the Sikh turban during the Milan Fashion Week has come under heavy fire. Using religious accoutrements in fashion always creates an uproar. In this case, the Sikh community felt that the Turban disrespected. “Gucci making European models wear turbans is in totally bad taste as a Sikh turban symbolises projective identity which conveys royalty, grace, and uniqueness, and a signal to others that we live in the image of infinity and are dedicated to serving all. For a Sikh, the turban is not merely an item of cultural paraphernalia but is worn in recognition of the high moral standards that our Guru had charted for his Khalsa followers... 

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