Never Fear Sorrows

Our elders have always been the best guiding lights in helping us pass through the testing moments of sorrow...

While taking a walk in the park, Mishra Ji’s friend asked him a question. He asked, “It is said that when true love fails, the person starts drowning in sorrows. But strangely, nobody has ever said anything about a scenario when true love actually succeeds.” Replying to his friend, Mishra Ji said in his witty style, “Dear friend, when true love actually succeeds, the sorrow comes out in the form of tears, finding new outlets to come out of the body.” Mishra Ji again said, “If you do not believe what I say, then ask this question to a married man, and you will come to know the truth behind the matter. He will immediately give you a black & white picture of this phenomenon called love.”

Again continuing with his explanation, Mishra said, “Wait a minute, why talk to others when you have me in front of you, because one such episode actually happened right in front of my eyes between my son and daughter-in-law a few days back. You must be aware that our son did a love marriage with one of his office colleagues last year against our wishes. My son and his wife had a heated discussion one night. When they were fighting, I heard my daughter-in-law shout at my son, ‘I have totally spoiled my life marrying you.’ My son who used to sing praises of his wife before marriage said, ‘Even I didn’t become Anil Ambani after marrying you. In fact, whatever money and peace of mind I had before marriage has been completely exhausted by now.”

Shedding more light on this fight Mishra Ji said to his friend, “You know what, happiness and sorrow are actually two sides of the same coin called life. If you think that only sorrows are found in the path of love, then you are absolutely wrong. Yet, I will not deny the fact that parting with a loved one often forces a person to get lost in the darkness of sorrows. If somebody is lucky enough to stay away from the complications of love in his life, then most definitely he would be bearing pain caused by other factors in life. A poor person faces sorrow due to the high cost of educating his children and the increasing burden of rising prices and expensive treatment costs related to his diseases, whereas a rich person is sad due to his showy lifestyle. The government is suffering because of bribes and corruption and our motherland is suffering because of fast reducing numbers of truly devoted sons. Similarly a potter is suffering from non-seasonal rain, while a farmer is suffering because of the fear of drought. Some are suffering from uninvited guests, while others are suffering from the loss of a dear one. So practically, there is hardly anybody in this world who is not affected by sorrows.”

The back-breaking impact of rising prices on common people who are helpless makes them wonder where to let out their pain from hardships. The politicians add to the sorrows of the general public by crossing all limits of black marketing, scams etc. Despite witnessing everything, the government still sleeps without paying attention to the public’s hue and cry for relief. Writers are crying out loud due to the plight of these times and pulling their battered boats with worn out paddles, but even their cries seem to have been lost somewhere in the loud cry of sorrows engulfing the world. Looking at the endless expanse of clouds of sorrow, it seems impossible that anybody could or would ever escape sorrows in life. Some people try to find relief from their sorrows by immersing themselves in the company of alcohol, but instead of coming out of their sorrows, they get sucked even deeper until they are completely lost.

Our elders have always been the best guiding lights in helping us pass through the testing moments of sorrow with relative ease. Just like moments of happiness that double when shared with other people, sorrows too have a way of reducing themselves to half when they are shared with others. Our elders have also told us that nothing in this world is impossible, that’s why there is no need to get scared or nurse sorrow in the heart. Even the most powerful people in this world cannot rise to every challenge on their own, that’s why instead of letting sorrow occupy a place in our heart, it is better that we work with full dedication and leave the outcome in the mighty hands of God. Having done that, you will realize how soon your destination has emerged in front of your eyes.

Instead of getting worried about sorrows, the best way to forget them is to start praying every day and strive to attain mastery in our line of work and be the most excellent person we can be. This way a person starts forgetting his sorrows slowly. Before sorrow can burn our garden of flowers to ashes, we will turn every sorrow of our past into smiles and happiness. Getting old with time is not a worry at all, but getting old early because of futile worries is definitely not wise. Anybody who braves the hardships of life after forgetting his sorrows, the society turns that common man into a hero in the eyes of everybody. Meeting and separation; rise and fall; profit and loss; pleasure and pain — all these things in life happen in the will of God.

After understanding the many ill-effects of sorrows, Jolly Uncle likes to think that God and time are the two most potent doctors for removing every sorrow. That’s why, no matter how hard our life might be, we should never fear sorrows.


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J.P.S. Jolly

J.P.S. Jolly is a growing force to be reckoned with in the world of philosophy. He is popularly known as ‘Jolly Uncle.

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