Meet the man who walked 25,000 kilometres from UK to Australia

It took British Indian adventurer Arjun Singh Bhogal five years to walk from the UK to Australia, trekking over 25,000 k...

Arjun Singh Bhogal is an adventurer, writer and public speaker currently based in Melbourne. 

He is famous for his epic journey covering 25,000 kilometres (16,000 miles) on foot to raise awareness for clean water access.

Arjun had planned this journey with a friend, although it later became a solo mission for him to finish what was started in 2012.

It sounded difficult but ‘achievable’ for this UK-based traveller who walked through harsh conditions with only a backpack from the Welsh city of Cardiff in the UK to the other Cardiff - in New South Wales, Australia.

He told SBS Punjabi that his journey was inspired by the millions of people around the world who walk tens of kilometres every day to source clean and safe water for them and their families...


Over 25,000 kilometres on foot

The total journey took 5 years, 1 month and 3 days, crossing 20 countries, through deserts, jungles and mountains and through dangerous conflict zone including Afghanistan.

“I had to contend with aspects such as suffering from dysentery in the desert, to being wanted by the Taliban and being kidnapped in the night at gunpoint in Afghanistan,” he said.

He said that most of the journey was a ‘pleasant experience’ where he was joined by friends and people he met along the way and the people who wanted to experience his journey first hand. 


Walk across Victoria’s iconic Yarra River

Arjun now plans for a walk across iconic Yarra River to explore and promote its history.

Starting in the Yarra Ranges, The Yarra flows 242 kilometres west through the Yarra Valley paving its way through Greater Melbourne before emptying into Hobsons Bay in northernmost Port Phillip.

Through the charity walk, Arjun aims to promote the history of this river which is known as a life-source and traditional meeting place for Indigenous Australians.

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