Intuitive Growth

When we move with the natural flow intuitively and sense that a place is not for us, we move, tilt and grow in a new dir...

I left this cactus plant unattended for years on my kitchen window sill, rarely watered it or even paid any attention to it. It had light and the kitchen was damp. I did not research all the factors that make the plant grow and thrive. I didn’t have any expectations from the plant, it was there, it provided some pleasure and greenery in the kitchen.

Then I decided to move it.

I wanted my kitchen to have a ‘live’ look with plants and books altogether, as if I was someone who actively took pride in my cooking.  Most days I make lentils with chappati or vegetables with spices or rice.  The recipe is all simple and always the same, onions, garlic, chillies and ginger sauteed with tomatoes then drop the lentils and vegetables, my husband devoured all the cooking, all usually in one go.  Kids are fussy, one likes a high protein diet and the other will happily live only on lentils and rice. Those recipe books have rarely been used. 

I placed my plant next to the books and it grew. I noticed it started to grow and was a bit surprised. Hmmm… did the books talk to my plant?  They must have imparted some knowledge for the plant to suddenly have grown in wisdom

But what happened next surprised me, the cactus plant grew three shoots. The first one was like grandad, ageing. The second was in maturity and the third was all fresh, bright and green. Not only did it grow, it sensed that the the bookshelf above was a barrier to its growth and it gracefully avoided the barrier, so it could grow rather than bumping its head against the shelf in frustration. The whole plant tilted to the left and grew.

How do we learn from nature?

We all have that instinctive growth within us that tells us to avoid bumps on the head. It is inbuilt in us and in nature itself. As we weave through life, our lives and experiences teach us where our heads will bump and we avoid them, tilt and grow forward, trusting our intuition all the time and letting nature guide us.  

Who is this driving force that tells us how to move forward?

It is our Self, not our personality or projection, but our True Self that we need to come back to and listen to deeply. Our True self that is at one with nature and the world itself. That True Self is always right there within us. When we are not caught up in “trying to prove a point,” look good to others or control a situation, we can move with the natural flow intuitively and when we sense that a place is not for us, we move, tilt and grow in a new direction.

How can we be with our real self?

Remembering our True Identity is Sat Nam.  Truth - Identity, remembrance of our own infinity.

It is my daily simran and meditation that brings the grace of remembering who I really am, beyond all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I realize that my mental attention is what determines my life. What I devote my attention to, grows. Whatever we focus on is what will manifest in our lives. If we focus and direct our attention on the Name, we will eventually, achieve that in ourselves and remember more and more our True Identity.

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