Balbir Sodhi's Brother Spreading Awareness
Rana Sodhi, who's brother was killed in a hate crime, said he has made it his “life mission” to educate people about his faith and values and was in Washington for the release of a report on American awareness of and attitudes toward Sikhs.
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Chaz Singh Did It & So Can You
For me, the role is not so much to influence but to lead and show the way. Policies and procedures need to be shown to be understood and then people come together to have that influence. The rest is perseverance. Dont give up.
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Free Sikh School Proves Good Ethos = Success
Leicester’s first free Sikh school has shown that a good ethos is the main ingredient in creating a successful learning environment.
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The Superhero Who Loves Elvis and Hates Bad Guys
Supreet Manchanda and Eileen Alden dreamt up this slick superhero as a way to combat the negative stereotypes about Sikhs that have been seeping into Western media. And with the help of artist Amit Tayal, Super Sikh is quickly becoming a reality.
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Rupi Kaur: The Poet Every Woman Needs to Read
Rupi Kaur's first book, Milk and Honey is the poetry collection every woman needs on her nightstand or coffee table. Accompanied by her own sketches, the beautifully honest poems read like the everyday, collective experiences of today's modern woman.
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Sikh Donors Fund Cataract Operations in India
The Sikh Welfare Society, based in High Road, Ilford, has donated about £120,000 over the past six years to set up eye-camps in rural Punjab and the group is due to fly over and give another £25,000 to pay for more operations.
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Jasjit Singh is Rutgers New Dean
“With Jasjit Ahluwalia’s exceptional experience, expertise, and energy, the Rutgers School of Public Health will build on its existing strengths and develop new areas of study and exploration, while fostering the growth of junior-level researchers,” he said.
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Sikh-Canadians With Innovative Tech Idea
“It is for anything that is real-time that you can’t find anywhere else, and the only way you can get that information is if you ask somebody who happens to be there,” explains Sukhsagar Singh.
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New Video with Sikh Captain America
[VIDEO] What if Captain America wore a turban and roamed the streets fighting intolerance? "My goal is not just to educate people about Sikhs but more importantly accepting our diversity, judging each other by our actions..."
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Second Turbaned Sikh Welcomed to House of Lords
A successful business man has become the second ever turbaned Sikh to be elevated to the house of lords.
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