Think Sikh: Positive Post-It's
What a wonderful example of spreading Chardi Kala in the spirit of Sarbat Da Bhala! I think the reason the idea spread so well is because of the 'good will towards all' that was behind it.
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I am a liar ~ Amardeep Photography
During a photo shoot, where my focus was to bring out the intensity of watchful eyes, I also had an opportunity to delve deeper into philosophy of Creation and Creators act of observing Himself through our eyes.
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Youth Choose Commitment Over Drugs
The Sikhs Helping Sikhs, along with the parents, have been worried (about the youth getting into drugs) too. The new generation of Sikhs is getting lost into the wilderness of the drug world;... They find the baptizing (amrit paan) as the best course.
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On The Way To Their Spiritual Home ~
About 73 years ago Chanda Singh and Bur Singh were cremated at Oregon State Hospital. But their ashes had remained unclaimed till now. On October 13, 2014 both have been disposed of according to Sikh religious rites.
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Belgian Supreme Court Overturns Ban on Turban in Two Schools
Two schools now have to allow their large Sikh student body to wear turbans. "In two separate landmark decisions the Highest Administrative Court has held that GO has the obligation to... respect diversity and plurality."
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WWI Soldiers Celebrated at University of Leicester Lecture
People from communities across the city and county came together to remember the sacrifices of Sikh and Commonwealth servicemen 100 years ago.
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Interfaith, Science & Sri Guru Granth Sahib
Dr. Hardev Singh Virk, a world famous teacher of Physics has explained the concept in the following essay which is taken from his book, “Scientific Vision in Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Inter-Faith Dialogue”. He has also quoted from SGGS....
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A Spiritual Relationship with God & My Future Husband
SatJot Khalsa explores the beautiful relationship with God and her husband and how these two relationships not only co-exist but intertwine and influence one another.
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'SEWA' ~ Part I of II
Bhai Gurdas ji states in above line, if one is not performing 'Sewa' (service), your hands + feet are- Dhrig, Dhrig translated is like having a curse. Also anything else one does is fruitless performing to him.
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National Langar Week
'A Bid to Highlight British Sikh Contribution' Having been in the news recently with their immense and celebrated contribution for Britain in WW1, how much do Brits really know about Sikhs?
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