National Langar Week
'A Bid to Highlight British Sikh Contribution' Having been in the news recently with their immense and celebrated contribution for Britain in WW1, how much do Brits really know about Sikhs?
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Sikh Community Proud of Service to Flood Victims
Sikh organizations of India and abroad, who came forward in helping the victims of natural disasters of Jammu & Kashmir, have made the Sikh community feel proud all around the world.
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The Guru's Birthday
We all know that Siri Guru Granth Sahib is our Guru. For most of us, this is what we believe. Yet, if we are honest, it is too often a concept rather than a reality.
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Bani During Pregnancy
"One thing I have realized is when in doubt, when in desperation, especially after a horrible bout with nausea, Simran has been the balm that has soothed my fears and carried me through."
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Kashmir Thanks Sikhs
All Parties Hurriyat Conference chief Syed Ali Geelani on Tuesday thanked Sikh humanitarian aid group for their role in the relief operations in Jammu and Kashmir after floods hit the region early September, this year.
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Kaur Careers: Fashion Industry
I stumbled across a graduate program that focused in Nonprofit and Fundraising management and decided to take the leap of faith and do a (drastic) career change. Today, I am working with a healthcare foundation based out of Los Angeles, CA,...
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Sikh & Muslim Women Overcome Barriers for Run
A group of women are out to smash the myths and stereotypes surrounding their cultures and religions when they take part in the Bupa Great Birmingham Run on Sunday.
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Guru Nanak's Grace
Only in Nanak's Name has the power to remove the people's every grief. He gives everyone a real happiness, who showed him their devoted Belief.
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Simran Jeet Singh Asks us to Move Toward Inclusion & Empathy
The 'Be More' campaign has a vision to create a 'Beloved' community by 2040. The guiding ethics behind this campaign are really in line with the concept of 'sarbat da bhala'.
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Bībī Rajnī – Black Crows Flying as White as the Snow
He stopped in one of those rooms, made a sweeping gesture with his arm and asked: "Rajnī, my dear child, today I have shown you all my treasures. Now tell me: Through whom do you live, me or GOD?"
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