Saragarhi Commemoration and Book Launch
IFA from the very beginning has been instrumental in honouring the brave who without caring for their lives sacrificed them at the altar of their country.
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Indy's Festival of Faiths: A Journey to Connect in Faith
It all begins with learning, meeting at common crossroads, and exploring ideas that have the power and mandate us to work together for greater good, creating an environment that answer our shared values and prayers.
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Kashmir Floods: He will take care!
A mere sight of these land masses left me wondering how can life ever survive here. But even in these barren regions, the Creator provides all means for his beings to find nourishment.
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Meet Ajay Banga: CEO of MasterCard
Four years after taking the helm, CEO Ajay Banga has turned the payments processor into an innovator. The stock’s response? Priceless.
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Fortunate To Be The Child of The GREAT GURU DASHMESH ~ Poem
[POEM] This is a simple and heartfelt ode to the tenth Guru. 'Fortunate to be the son of the Great, Great guru Dashmesh' is a charming worthy read. This is how a child praises their father...
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My Turban Saved a Life
The youngster was bobbing up and down, and struggling to stay afloat. “As I could not swim, I removed my turban and threw one end of the cloth towards the boy. Thankfully, he grabbed hold of it,” Sohan, 71, said in Taiping, Perak, recently.
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The Turbanator: World’s Largest Turban
Devout Sikh Avtar Singh Mauni has a turban that measures 645 metres, (it's 100 lb. and takes 6 hours to tie daily) has been adding to it for the past 16 years and the turban could land him a coveted Guinness World Record.
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Mirror Mind ~ Photography by Amardeep Singh
Photographing reflections of Suru Valley in the pools of water in the early morning hours, I could understand why the Indian spiritual masters have commonly leveraged the analogy of mirror and image to explain it’s association with Ego and Mind.
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When the Saints Go Marching In
I have to say. This thing they call meditation? Pretty freaking cool. Before the Siri Singh Sahib’s teachings and I found each other, I’d been fed all sorts of hogwash by all sorts of well-meaning people...
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The Most Beautiful Building in the World
Australian media writes a glittering expose on Hari Mandir Sahib highlighting the beauty, serenity and martial spirit that has allowed this place to bless humanity, "In this Billionaires Australia guide, we’ll take a look at the history, importance and extreme awesomeness of this fantastic building."
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