Peaceful Human rights activist on hunger strike ~ Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa
The whole world knows about hunger strike by Bapu Surat Singh who clearly sends the serene message for the release of the Sikh prisoners. Time for action and peace!!!
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Sikh View about Euthanasia and Suicide.
Not assisted dying, but Guru-guided living, is the Sikh way.
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BBC My Life, My Religion 3 Sikhism
What does it mean to be a Sikh? 11-year-old Simran explains all about her religion of Sikhism in this Learning Zone programme for primary school children.
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Don't Let Your Life Drown
[VIDEO] In this short excerpt from a talk he gave in Gurdwara in September, 1987, Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji discusses the meaning of Gurmat. Includes a transcript in English and in Punjabi translation.
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Human Savagery & Human Nobility
If history speaks of the evil that lurks in men’s hearts, truly there is, at times, nothing nobler than human character given the right choice and frame of mind. Quiet decency is a very human trait.
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HARKING BACK: Amazing genius of Gujjar Singh and his Lahore ‘qila’
Our story today is about one of a triumvirate, a gallant warrior by the name of Sardar Gujjar Singh Bhangi. The other two were Sardar Sobha Singh Kanhiya and Sardar Lahina Singh Bhangi, a close relative of Gujjar Singh.
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True to their Salt - A Real Hero Story ~ Karm Singh
Many acts of bravery were conducted by the officers' men in the Battle of Gallipoli which is worth sharing. But this one is incomparable.
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Eliminating a Silent Killer in the Kitchen of Millions of Homes
While most of us spend our time contemplating which cookies are best- choco chip or butter cookies in the supermarket, Deepak Ashwani a young guy from Kapurthala in Punjab is busy with cookies of all together different type- Fuel Cookies.
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With All Your Heart - An Ode to Guru Harkrishan Ji
Let me mediate on You forever and enshrine You in my mind. You are the only cure of my maladies, and it is through You that I'm rid of my ego.
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Bhagat Maalaa ~ Part VI - The Story of Raja Janak
This is the story of Raja Janak as written by Bhai Gurdas Ji.
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