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If you were a deer?

In the end, it does not matter what animal I am - I must Do All, to survive and thrive

Imagine you were a deer.

Gentle in nature and social in manner, you pass your days in this vast world in idyllic peace, eating, playing and mating. The only worry is predators.

You see a tigress swiftly attack and violently kill a fellow deer, tearing it into pieces. Then the tigress calls out to her cubs who join in the feast. The tigress guards over the cubs and then gently grooms them clean after they have eaten.

You the deer would be puzzled. Why do the tigers kill the deer? How could a creature be so violent against the deer yet so tender with her own cubs?

As hard as it may try, in its entire lifetime, the deer will never understand the nature of the tiger, it simply can't. The tiger too will also never understand the timidity and fear that possesses the deer.


The same is with humans, we may be the born the same species but our individual natures are different. Some are aggressive some passive, some clever others slow, some hard working some not as much. Each one of us is a different animal, with a different nature.

Some humans want to control all they behold. The variety makes it difficult for control so to manage and control them those who seek control try to make everyone as identical as possible.

To make everyone think and act more or less identically is called universalism.

Yet, the arrogance of each Man, to think that he or she alone knows what is right not only for himself or herself but also how the order of the universe should be. This is the root cause of all misery in the world.

So anyone with power to do so imposes his, her or their brand of universalism on everyone they can. To persuade others is time consuming and requires great resources. Force and fear are the preferred methods. Organised religion is the most prominent form of insanity. Educationists, politicians, social activists, economists, ideologists and even parents, are also generally afflicted with this insanity of imposing themselves and their ideas.

Some amount of universalism is essential for society, but many groups want everyone to be universally identical in all aspects but in the way defined by them. Universalism is stupid if not insane, it is unnatural, unsustainable and doomed to failure.

Everyone is trying to others to follow their brands of universalism by coercion and violence. When violence overpowers compassion, stupidity overrides intelligence, ego crushes love then people and society becomes ugly and eventually self destruct.

Tiger (119K) Imagine the world only full of tigers. No deer or any prey left. The tigers will maul themselves and starve to death.

Now imagine there are no tigers, then the deer would consume all the grass and greenery and they too would starve to death.

This is why nature thrives because of ecological balance, a symbiosis, where both the tiger and the deer need each other to survive. Sometimes violent but mostly peaceful, this is creation. Live and let live.

The greatest crimes against humanity are to try and make different individuals and people identical. To make people follow only one set of beliefs, to follow only their one chosen ideology, to worship their God(s) in that one way.

When one group of people feel they are superior not by any quality other than their Race, the colour of their skin, the land they inhabit, the book/s they follow, the belief they hold dear etc. they become a menace to everyone and everything.


People are getting turned off religion, they see religion not as a facilitator for better lives but as a barrier, Is it surprising that the fastest growing 'religion' is Atheism, believing that there is no God.

Mankind is increasingly turning away from established political, social, economical systems. That is why you see many strange developments in these areas, with the emergence of new and completely different breed of political, economical, social and spiritual leaders.

It is impossible to dialogue with die hard universalists of politics, economics, and religion even if they are intelligent people.

Like a recorded disc, they are simply closed to any other thoughts than the ones they have been programmed with. Sadly many have very strong baseless beliefs, having no awakening nor wisdom, just programmed thoughts, emotions, expressed as noise and actions which lack meaning or benefit of any kind.

Any attempt at dialogue will lead to offensive reactions. So the best thing is to keep them as far away as possible from ourselves. None of us will fully understand the other animal but there is no need to.

I just have to explore and discover what sort of animal I am. Do all I must, to survive and thrive. If I am a tiger then be a very good tiger, for my survival depends on it. If I am a deer, then be the healthiest, fastest most vigilant deer I can be for my life too will depend on it.

In the end, it does not matter what animal I am, I will soon be returned to dust and ash. What will happen after that no one knows, and should not be my concern.

Worrying never robbed tomorrow of its sorrow, it simply ruins our today, sapping us of our sanity and our vitality.

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