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How Vancouver-Based ‘Kaur Project’ Is Empowering The Sikh Women

We are proud to call them our contemporaries -- they are sources of inspiration, wisdom and leadership, who deserve to b...

Sikh Women around the world have at least one thing in common, their surname- Kaur.

When Vancouver-based Jessie Kaur Lehail and Saji Kaur Sahota met for the first time at an event in 2015, the duo bonded over feminism, identity politics, and their mutual realisation that many women in Sikhism stood in the shadows of their fathers or husbands.

They realised that there are a few historicized Kaur stories, often are defined in relation to their male counterparts. Often their full contributions as thinkers, poets and warriors unto themselves have been eclipsed by historians, policy, and our communities. 

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