Hate took his brother's life, but he says forgiveness was the only option

On the 15th anniversary of his brother's death, Sodhi told Roque in prison over the phone that he forgave him, and ...

Phoenix (CNN) For Rana Singh Sodhi, not forgiving the man who murdered his brother wasn't an option.

Sodhi lost his brother in the first hate crime related to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and since that day he has worked to educate Americans about his Sikh religion.

"Before 9/11, I never believed, I never thought I should introduce myself to other people by telling who I am, why I'm wearing a turban," says Sodhi, who like his late brother wears a turban as a part of traditional Sikh culture. "I learned that after 9/11, there's so much ignorance in our own community."

That ignorance is what took his brother's life, says Sodhi.

    He is now part of the National Sikh Campaign, an effort to educate Americans about one of the largest religious groups in the world.

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