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In Good Company: Ex-Amex exec Amardeep Singh is on a heritage trail

Corporate high-flier sheds his job to shine light on his rich heritage for the world to see...

...The central bank there announced a regulatory review, to take place in 2013, and it was clear that to present a convincing case, Mr Singh and his department would have to be based there.

Unwilling to leave Singapore, where he has been a naturalised citizen for over a decade, Mr Singh told the firm that while he would transfer his knowledge to the other staff, he would prefer a payout and leave the firm to stay in Singapore.

"I took my golden handshake from American Express and it was a decent one," the 51-year-old turbaned Sikh told me recently. "My career had been extremely satisfying but there is only so much you can do. I wanted to rest for a few months and get my health back. My blood pressure was up, and the stress had aggravated my skin problems."

As he regained his health, Mr Singh, a trained engineer, began dabbling in spirituality and musicology, reading Hindu and Sikh scriptures. He was already an accomplished photographer, contributing to Asian Geographic and other titles...

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