Mental Health Ambassadors set to tackle mental illness among South Asians
It is now clear that stigma is a key barrier to early diagnosis and timely treatment of mental illness in South Asian communities.
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Gurdwaras Urged to Serve Organic Langar
"Growing organic vegetables and crop is healing to the earth and to the body. It is also an economically viable option and we must increase the consumption and demand of this food by serving it in our religious places..."
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Beards Help With... Disease?
The study, surprisingly, found that bearded employees were three times less likely to be carrying MRSA, a common methicillin-resistant infection.
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My Journey with Breast Cancer ~ PART 2
The truth sinks in - I have Cancer.
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Warning! Never Reheat These 10 Foods, They Can kill Your Family
Reheating dinner is a way of life. Whether it's Friday night and you need to clean out your fridge, or you want to turn your leftovers from last night into a whole new meal, and yes, our microwaves are our handy kitchen companions.
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Want to lose weight by exercising? Think again
Exercise by itself isn’t always enough to take off the weight. Now, evidence reported in the Cell Press journal Current Biology helps to explain why that is: our bodies adapt to higher activity levels, so that people don’t necessarily burn extra calories even if they exercise more.
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My Journey With Breast Cancer ~ Part 1
Whenever I used to see an article on breast cancer, I would flip the page thinking, "Oh, it will never happen to me!" not giving it much attention. But it can happen to anyone.
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Celebrating 15 years of Monthly Meals Seva to the Homeless of Phoenix
Sikh community of Phoenix celebrates 15 years of Monthly Meals Seva to the Homeless of Phoenix
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What Time Should You Sleep?
Is there a best time to sleep? There is a saying that sleeping early and waking up early is good for your health.
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The 2016 NEW YOU: Double Benefit
Yoga May Boost Your Mood Better Than Any Other Type of Exercise
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