Smile! The Remarkable Personal Benefits of Smiling
"Seeing a smile creates what is termed as a 'halo' effect, helping us to remember other happy events more vividly, feel more optimistic, more positive and more motivated."
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Reddit User Needs Hot Meal – Finds Sikh Generosity
When a recovering heroin addict made an appeal on the popular social media site, Reddit, for a hot meal to tide him over until his next disability check – due to liver disease – arrived, he was not sure what kind of response to expect.
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5 Meditation Tips for People Who Can’t Focus
But how can you embark on a serene course of meditation when you can barely quiet your multitasking brain long enough to finish tasks at home or at work? [Read on to know more - ED]
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Why the fake fizzy stuff falls flat
Indeed, for all of its skinny-making promises, diet soda might be making you fat.
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Sikhs join faiths Demanding Action From UN Treaty negotiators on Climate Change
Representatives from the Christian, Baha'i, Sikh, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim and other faiths sent a strong message to President Obama at the White House and UN representatives currently gathered in Lima, Peru, for talks to negotiate a global treaty on climate change.
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The Environmental Impact of Our Turbans
Cotton is the primary raw material used in making turbans, patkas, other clothing we use as Sikhs. It takes anywhere from 700-2700 litres of water to grow enough cotton to make one turban.
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Religion or Spirituality Has Positive Impact on Romantic, Marital Relationships, Child Development, Research Shows
Teenagers who attend religious services with one or both of their parents are more likely to feel greater well-being while romantic partners who pray for their “significant others” experience greater relationship commitment, according to new research.
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Vitamin D Deficiency and Depression Linked in International Study
Lack of sunlight means less vitamin D. Study shows why more people feel depressed during the winter months.
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The Remarkable Antioxidant Power of Cranberries ­­and Three No­ Cost Cranberry Recipes
Cranberry sauce, the holiday favorite, can, and should, be enjoyed year­ round. Don't miss this no ­sugar­ added cranberry sauce recipe.
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Kids Twice as Likely to Drink Soda as Adults
Kids drink nearly twice as much soda as adults, a habit that could have serious impact on their waistlines.
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