Innovative Dr. Takes on the World
Being a pioneer surgeon was not enough for Dr Mahipal Sachdev. He wanted to be more than a doctor. So, although his family advised him not to, Sachdev listened to his inner voice and left the safe environment...
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Bad Posture at the Desk Can Lead to High Blood Pressure and More
So many people come to me with chronic problems and headaches. This article explains how common this problem, is and the many consequences that can come from it.
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Nimbu Power! Lemons: The Superfood
Lemons have been utilized as a therapeutic tool for thousands of years. Nero used lemons as protection from poisoning; they have been utilized counteract scurvy; to lower glucose in diabetics; cancer prevention agent and to help keep skin firm.
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Think Sikh: Bolivia Respects Mata Dharat as a Person With Legal Rights
Sikh-Think seeing Sikh in the world. Bolivia is to become the first country in the world to give mother earth comprehensive legal rights!
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Leaky Gut and Multiple Sclerosis
Do you or your friends or family have Multiple Sclerosis or other autoimmune dieseases? Have you or they been evaluated for leaky gut?
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Communal Farm Grows Karma
“Karma means you harvest what you plant. When you do good, it comes back to you,” added Kaur, who studies to be a nutritionist. “KarmaGrow represents the concept in both the literal and spiritual sense.”
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Hollywood's Top Doctors Revealed: Exclusive Survey
From the OB/GYN who delivered Kim Kardashian and her baby to the Sikh who treats Morgan Freeman to the man who removed Dr. Oz's colon polyp, the 484 most beloved M.D.s from stars and executives as vetted by leading medical-database authority Castle Connolly
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Hot Flashes Cause Millions of Dollars in Lost Wages
Dr. Sarrel, the lead author, is quoted as saying “Not treating these common symptoms causes many women to drop out of the labor force at a time when their careers are on the upswing... This also places demands on health care and drives up insurance costs.”
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Vitamin D Deficiency Increases Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease By Up To 122% !
Now I am very excited to announce to you that a new study in the prestigious journal Neurology, the official journal of the American Academy of Neurology, has just published a landmark article showing a strong association between vitamin D deficiency and Alzheimer’s disease.
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Young Sikh Doctor & Critical Drug Research
As the son of a retail pharmacy owner, Simerdeep Singh Gupta ’10GP, ’14Ph.D., always knew he wanted to pursue a career in the field. “While my dad’s business focused on selling pharmaceutical drugs,” he said, “I was always curious about how these drugs were made.”
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