Athletes should drink only when thirsty, according to new guidelines
At least 14 deaths of marathon runners, football players and other athletes have been attributed to a condition called exercise-associated hyponatremia, which results from drinking too much water or sports drinks.
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4 Reasons Why You Need To Take Cold Showers!
But seriously, what I mean in this context, is the practice of starting with a warm shower, and ending the last few minutes with cool to cold water.
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Drinking alcohol to celebrate our babies birth
At what point does drinking alcohol on occasion, lead to the occasion becoming an excuse to drink, due to alcohol dependency?
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Self treatment for acute back pain
The follow is the second in a series of articles that looks at common injuries and how you can treat them yourself. Managing a strain quickly can prevent it from becoming a more long term problem.
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The Functional Medicine Center at the Cleveland Clinic
The term functional medicine emphasizes that the goal of the physician is to restore proper organ function and a proper relationship of balance between all the organs in the body.
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Pharmacogenics- What is It and Why You Need to Know!
Over the last 10 years, it has come to public knowledge that genes do not necessarily have to express themselves. Integrative doctors have brought to our patients’ attention that genes are turned on or off...
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‘Indian Classical Music Is Powerful In Therapeutic Processes’
He has been using music to help heal trauma-afflicted people such as war veterans and children. Osborne was in India recently to advise the Indian Head Injury Foundation in Jodhpur on using music for rehabilitation.
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The Squat is the Perfect Analogy for Life
It's about standing back up after something heavy takes you down. Problems are like adding more and more weight into squat rod to make it like impossible to lift.
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Too Much Sitting May Lead To Disease & Death
The bottom line is this: exercise is a necessary tool to stay healthy - but it is not enough. You’ve got to spend less time sitting as well. So just as you set goals to fit in your exercise routine everyday, make a commitment to sit less as well.
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Discover the Wonders of Turmeric: KP Khalsa's Favorite Herb
[VIDEO] Keep your brain power and drastically reduce your risk of dementia, Treat everyday inflammation. No more crippling sprained ankles, Dramatically cut your cancer risk, radically...
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