This Sikh Community Has Restored Our Faith In Humanity
It is heartwarming to know, that while there is violence and suffering in gargantuan volumes, there are also people like these, who are taking the risk to reach out to, and help those in need.
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Subliminal Mind Control: - Buyer's Remorse?
Have you ever had buyer's remorse ... after buying something that you never needed and never used but never returned?
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Sikhs Provides Aid to 400 Afghan Families
On November 8th, 2015, UNITED SIKHS launched the Pak-Afghan Earthquake Relief Effort to provide aid and assistance to individuals affected by one of the strongest earthquakes the region has ever seen.
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World Religions Parliament
Many wonderful people at the Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City (October 2015). The Sikhs were honored to serve langar (free meals) to all participants at the event.
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Defense Minister Sajjan Patented Military Sikh Gas Mask
Canada's new Minister of National Defense Harjit Sajjan patented his own gas mask to be work with a Sikh beard, according to recent reports.
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The Healing and Strengthening Power of Touch
The power of touch is displayed perhaps no more poignantly than during the first few months of life. Babies who are not hugged and held during these first months will not thrive and grow like their cuddled peers.
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Interfaith Dinner Langar Seva by Phoenix Sikh Community
The Sikh community of Phoenix metro in Arizona has been very active in Arizona Inter-faith Movement. For several years, it has been performing Dinner Langar Seva for all the attendees...
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How Sikhs Can Learn From the Langar at the Parliament of World's Religions
People of many faiths were moved to tears and outpoured with gratefulness. This was the vision of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, to associate the turban with oneness...
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Bad Posture at the Desk Can Lead to High Blood Pressure and Other Risks
If you spend long hours sitting at a desk each day, listen up -- or, more precisely, straighten up. Bad posture at your desk, what has also been called "Sittosis", has been found to raise your blood pressure.
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New York City Food Banks
UNITED SIKHS is humbled to announce the initiation of the UNITED SIKHS food bank in New York City, which covers all five boroughs - Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and Manhattan, as well as the counties of Nassau and Suffolk in Long Island.
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