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From driving taxis to becoming a skin cancer specialist and an Army officer

Dr Navtej Sandhu has been declared the national winner of the Defence Reserves Support Council's Employer Support A...

The term ‘ups and downs’ doesn’t quite get across the dynamic career graph of Dr Navtej Sandhu who has gone on to own a chain of medical centres from being a taxi driver in South Australia. Come June 5, he will be inducted as an officer of the Australian Defence Force as a reservist at the age of 53.

Dr Sandhu was already a medical doctor when he came to Australia from India in 2004. Unhappy with the working conditions in Punjab, he quit his government sector job and moved to South Australia to study information technology at the age of 40.

“I used to attend my classes in the morning and drove a taxi in the evening,” says Dr Sandhu. 

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