Arizona Sikhs Distribute Snacks in a City Street

Celebrating Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Prakash Utsav

Since 9-11, we, the Sikhs of Arizona have always been in the lookout to find ways and means to highlight Sikh Identity whenever and wherever it is possible so as to familiarize more people about Sikh Faith. After all, it was here in Arizona after 9/11 where a first Sikh became victim of hate crime due to his turban and beard just four days after that horrible event. This has truly sensitized us to the extent that we always keep on aggressively looking for opportunities to highlight Sikh appearance to general public by spreading the message of Sikh principles through creative and effective methods.

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On January 7th we decided to celebrate Guru Gobind Singh Ji's 350th Anniversary in such a way so as to positively highlight the Sikh Identity that was ordained by Guru Sahib. About 20-25 Sikh men, women and children put up a tent in front of a gas station/cum convenience store near a bus stop and in a poor neighborhood close to downtown to distribute snacks. In addition to snacks, we also handed over one page pamphlet to each visitor that very briefly talked about the uniqueness of Sikh Identity, Sikh presence in the US and the concept of one God, equality among all, standing up against injustice, honest and hard work ethics and sharing of one's blessings.

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The snacks included a bag of Potato Chips, chocolate bar, can of Soda plus water bottle and small package of Pringles. The response was overwhelming. Whenever the bus stopped, these snacks were offered to the passengers who disembarked.

We believe such action of philanthropy though small, do carry some good impression about Sikhs and Sikh identity

Dr. Jaswant Singh Sachdev, M.D., F. A. A. N.
Phoenix, Arizona

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