#SikhiStrong - "I hope that one day my life can be a living art work in worship to Waheguru"

The ‘Kaur Project’ Gives Sikh Women a Place to Tell Their Stories

The Kaur Project is meant to be a form of therapy for the women that are profiled, according to Lehail and Sahota....

When Jessie Kaur Lehail and Saji Kaur Sahota met for the first time at a speaking event in early 2015, the two Sikh Canadian women bonded over feminism, identity politics, and their mutual realization that many women in Sikhism stood in the shadows of their fathers or husbands.

"Women make up 48 percent of the community and yet our voices are never heard," Lehail told NBC News. "There is very minimal conversation about how women have contributed to Sikh history. We're in the background for Sikh religious events." 


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