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somvwr 16 BwdoN (sMmq 546 nwnkSwhI)

rwgu soriT bwxI Bgq kbIr jI kI Gru 1 <> siqgur pRswid ] byd purwn sBY mq suin kY krI krm kI Awsw ] kwl gRsq sB log isAwny auiT pMifq pY cly inrwsw ]1] mn ry sirE n eykY kwjw ] BijE n rGupiq rwjw ]1] rhwau ] bn KMf jwie jogu qpu kIno kMd mUlu cuin KwieAw ] nwdI bydI sbdI monI jm ky ptY ilKwieAw ]2] Bgiq nwrdI irdY n AweI kwiC kUiC qnu dInw ] rwg rwgnI ifMB hoie bYTw auin hir pih ikAw lInw ]3] pirE kwlu sBY jg aUpr mwih ilKy BRm igAwnI ] khu kbIr jn Bey Kwlsy pRym Bgiq ijh jwnI ]4]3]

Listen to Gurbani audio from Ang 654 which today's hukamnama is from.

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English Translation:

RAAG SORAT’H, THE WORD OF DEVOTEE KABEER JEE, FIRST HOUSE: ONE UNIVERSAL CREATOR GOD. BY THE GRACE OF THE TRUE GURU: Listening to all the teachings of the Vedas and the Puraanas, I wanted to perform the religious rituals. But seeing all the wise men caught by Death, I arose and left the Pandits; now I am free of this desire. || 1 || O mind, you have not completed the only task you were given; you have not meditated on the Lord, your King. || 1 || Pause || Going to the forests, they practice Yoga and deep, austere meditation; they live on roots and the fruits they gather. The musicians, the Vedic scholars, the chanters of one word and the men of silence, all are listed on the Register of Death. || 2 || Loving devotional worship does not enter into your heart; pampering and adorning your body, you must still give it up. You sit and play music, but you are still a hypocrite; what do you expect to receive from the Lord? || 3 || Death has fallen on the whole world; the doubting religious scholars are also listed on the Register of Death. Says Kabeer, those humble people become pure — they become Khalsa — who know the Lord’s loving devotional worship. || 4 || 3 ||

Punjabi Translation:

rwgu soriT bwxI Bgq kbIr jI kI Gru 1 <> siqgur pRswid ] ijnHW isAwxy bMidAW ny vyd purwn AwidkW dy swry mq sux ky krm-kWf dI Aws r`KI, (ieh Aws r`KI ik krm-kWf nwl jIvn sOrygw), auh swry (Awqmk) mOq ivc hI gRsy rhy [ pMifq lok BI Aws pUrI hox qoN ibnw hI au~T ky cly gey (jgq iqAwg gey) [1[ hy mn! qUµ pRkwS-rUp prmwqmw dw Bjn nhIN kIqw, qYQoN ieh ie`k kMm BI (jo krn-jog sI) nhIN ho sikAw [1[rhwau[ keI lokW ny jMglW ivc jw ky jog swDy, qp kIqy, gwjr-mUlI Awidk cux Kw ky guzwrw kIqw; jogI, krm-kWfI, ‘Al`K’ AwKx vwly jogI, monDwrI—ieh swry jm dy lyKy ivc hI ilKy gey (Bwv, iehnW dy swDn mOq dy fr qoN bcw nhIN skdy) [2[ ijs mnu`K ny srIr au~qy qW (Dwrimk icMnH) c`kr Awidk lw ley hn, pr pyRmw-BgqI aus dy ihrdy ivc pYdw nhIN hoeI, jo rwg rwgnIAW qW gwauNdw hY pr inrw pKMf-mUrqI hI bx bYTw hY, Aijhy mnu`K ƒ prmwqmw pwsoN kuJ nhIN imldw [3[ swry jgq au~qy kwl dw sihm ipAw hoieAw hY, BrmI igAwnI BI ausy hI lyKy ivc ilKy gey hn (auh BI mOq dy sihm ivc hI hn) [ hy kbIr! AwK—ijnHW mnu`KW ny pRymw-BgqI krnI smJ leI hY auh (mOq dy sihm qoN) Awzwd ho gey hn [4[3[

Listen to Gurbani audio from Ang 654 which today's hukamnama is from.

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