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Su`krvwr 12 vYswK (sMmq 546 nwnkSwhI)

sUhI mhlw 5 ] mhw Agin qy quDu hwQ dy rwKy pey qyrI srxweI ] qyrw mwxu qwxu ird AMqir hor dUjI Aws cukweI ]1] myry rwm rwie quDu iciq AwieAY aubry ] qyrI tyk Brvwsw qum@rw jip nwmu qum@wrw auDry ]1] rhwau ] AMD kUp qy kwiF lIey qum@ Awip Bey ikrpwlw ] swir sm@wil srb suK dIey Awip kry pRiqpwlw ]2] AwpxI ndir kry prmysru bMDn kwit Cfwey ] AwpxI Bgiq pRiB Awip krweI Awpy syvw lwey ]3] Brmu gieAw BY moh ibnwsy imitAw sgl ivsUrw ] nwnk dieAw krI suKdwqY ByitAw siqguru pUrw ]4]5]52]

Listen to Gurbani audio from Ang 748 which today's hukamnama is from.

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English Translation:

SOOHEE, FIFTH MEHL: Giving me Your Hand, You saved me from the terrible fire, when I sought Your Sanctuary. Deep within my heart, I respect Your strength; I have abandoned all other hopes. || 1 || O my Sovereign Lord, when You enter my consciousness, I am saved. || 1 || Pause || You pulled me up out of the deep, dark pit. You have become merciful to me. You care for me, and bless me with total peace; You Yourself cherish me. || 2 || The Transcendent Lord has blessed me with His Glance of Grace; breaking my bonds, He has delivered me. God Himself inspires me to worship Him; He Himself inspires me to serve Him. || 3 || My doubts have gone, my fears and infatuations have been dispelled, and all my sorrows are gone. O Nanak, the Lord, the Giver of peace has been merciful to me. I have met the Perfect True Guru. || 4 || 5 || 52 ||

Punjabi Translation:

sUhI mhlw 5 ] hy pRBU! jyhVy mnu`K qyrI srn Aw pey, qUM auhnW ƒ Awpxy h`Q dy ky (iq®Snw dI) v`fI A`g qoN bcw ilAw [ auhnW ny iksy hor dI mdd dI Aws Awpxy idloN mukw id`qI, auhnW dy ihrdy ivc qyrw hI mwx qyrw hI shwrw bixAw rihMdw hY [1[hy myry pRBU-pwiqSwh! jy qUM (jIvW dy) ic`q ivc Aw v`syN, qW auh (sMswr-smuMdr ivc) fu`bxoN bc jWdy hn [ auh mnu`K qyrw nwm jp ky ivkwrW qoN ^lwsI pw lYNdy hn, auhnW ƒ (hr g`ly) qyrw hI Awsrw qyrI shwieqw dw Brosw bixAw rihMdw hY [1[rhwau[hy pRBU! ijnHW mnu`KW auqy qUM Awp dieAwvwn ho igAw, qUM auhnW ƒ (mwieAw dy moh dy) hnyry KUh ivcoN k`F ilAw, qUM auhnW dI swr lY ky, auhnW dI sMBwl kr ky auhnW ƒ swry suK b^Sy [ hy BweI! pRBU Awp auhnW dI pwlxw krdw hY [2[hy BweI! ijnHW mnu`KW auqy prmwqmw AwpxI myhr dI ingwh krdw hY, auhnW dy (moh dy) bMDn k`t ky auhnW ƒ ivkwrW qoN Cfw lYNdw hY [ auhnW ƒ Awp hI AwpxI syvw-BgqI ivc joV lYNdw hY [ hy BweI! pRBU ny auhnW pwsoN AwpxI BgqI Awp hI krw leI [3[hy nwnk! suK dyx vwly pRBU ny ijnHW auqy dieAw kIqI auhnW ƒ pUrw gurU iml ipAw, (auhnW dy AMdroN) Btkxw dUr ho geI, auhnW dy AMdroN moh Aqy hor swry fr nws ho gey, auhnW dw swrw icMqw-Jorw mu`k igAw [4[5[52[

Listen to Gurbani audio from Ang 748 which today's hukamnama is from.

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