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Play Title Album Artist Length Plays
Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur (62 min) Satkirin Kaur Khalsa 1:01:38 14,200
Sat Siri Siri Akaal Hari Bhajan Kaur Khalsa 7:00 65
Taati Vao Na Lagayi Hari Bhajan Kaur Khalsa 14:25 212
Darshan Mangau Deh Pyaare Hari Bhajan Kaur Khalsa 16:05 1,939
Ang Sang Wahe Guru Ang Sang Wahe Guru Siri Shabad Singh 23:12 5,191
Guru Ram Das Guru Ram Das Mantra Siri Shabad Singh 31:41 1,857
Ra Ma Da Sa Ra Ma Da Sa Healing Meditation Siri Shabad Singh 21:52 1,224
Har Hari Har Hari Meditation for Willpower & Prosperity Siri Shabad Singh 12:20 678
Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad Siri Shabad Singh 23:34 4,123
Ajai Alai Ajai Alai for the Radiant Body Siri Shabad Singh 22:38 2,729
Aad Guray Nameh Gagandeep Singh 8:53 3,196
Sat Narayan Cusp Sukha 8:04 834
Om Mani Padme Hum Cusp Sukha 7:31 472
Laya Yoga Cusp Sukha 5:42 1,768
Adi Shakti Cusp Sukha 5:48 469
Aap Cusp Sukha 9:18 418
Sat Kriya Cusp Sukha 11:58 794
Cusp Cusp Sukha 6:09 531
Wahe Guru Cusp Sukha 4:56 1,320
You Can Make The Sun Shine The Khalsa String Band 5:12 110
Song of Bliss The Khalsa String Band 4:51 1,378
Chaupai Sahib Acapella Jatha 18:18 2,526
Thakur Tum Sarnai Aya Acapella Jatha 8:31 670
Tera Kiya Mitha Laage Acapella Jatha 6:19 404
Sajanraa Acapella Jatha 15:51 545
Mul Mantr Dukh Sukh Acapella Jatha 8:33 8,274
Mul Mantra Camp Miri Piri Acapella Jatha 2:55 4,365
Raam Japo Jee Dukh Sukh Acapella Jatha 6:59 755
Raakha Ek Humara Suami Dukh Sukh Acapella Jatha 5:21 667
Meri Abai Benti Sun Leejai Acapella Jatha 6:55 293