Gurbani Shabads written in Raag Maaroo

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Play Title Album Artist Length Plays
Manda Janea Aap Ko Jasbir Singh Fakkar (Patiala) 16:00 129
Dharamrai Jab Lekha Mange Bhai Harbans Singh (Jagadhari) 27:54 2,655
Baba Me Karam Heen Bhai Harbans Singh (Jagadhari) 28:55 1,428
Mul Kharedee Lala Gola Bhai Gurmel Singh 12:25 424
Mangna Mangan Nika Bhai Guriqbal Singh 56:52 3,667
Maula Khel Kare Prof Darshan Singh Khalsa 20:57 341
Rag Maru - Ram Simar Pachhtayehga Mann Anhad Prof Surinder Singh 11:02 1,092
Mere Man Naam Amrit Pio Sant Anoop Singh 7:27 515
Esi Lal Tuj Bin Kaun Karea Bhai Balwinder Singh Rangila 60:10 4,734
Amrit Peeaa Satgur Deeaa Mere Man Prof Surinder Singh 6:48 438
Moorakh Man Kaahey Karseh Maan (Maaru Bihag,... Wirsa Bhai Avtar Singh 15:24 138
Sanjog Vijog Dhurahu Hee Hooaa (Maaru Bihag,... Wirsa Bhai Avtar Singh 15:47 138
Maida Maan Rata Aapanre Pir Na Mere Man Prof Surinder Singh 12:33 254
Raajan Kown Tumarai Aavai Mere Man Prof Surinder Singh 6:40 233
Deen Bisariyo Peearhey Din Chaar Hai Sant Anoop Singh 9:10 1,395
Hari Ko Naam Sada Baatan Hee Asman Giraveh Bhai Harcharan Singh 6:28 595
Man Ram Simar Maula Khel Kare Sant Anoop Singh 11:15 1,058
Maula Khel Kare Maula Khel Kare Sant Anoop Singh 12:02 964
Gagan damama bajio Gurbani Sangeet Surinder Singh Matharoo 6:13 1,480
Mangna Mangan Neeka Mangna Mangan Neeka Unknown 4:57 280
Pandiya kawan kumat tum lage Gurbani Sangeet Surinder Singh Matharoo 8:22 138
Ja Too Mere Val Hai Ta Unknown 10:33 860
Jagna Jagan Neeka Master Darshan Singh 5:46 116
Jagnaa Jaagan Neeka Master Darshan Singh 16:27 109
Avanaa Jaanaa Master Darshan Singh 3:52 102
Har Ko Naam Amrit Bani 2001 Jasmeeta Singh 8:54 336
Maangna Maangan Neeka Shivpreet Singh 12:21 484
Ram Simar Pachhtahega Ram Simar Harjinder Singh (Canada) 11:18 459
Too Chau Sajan Mendeyaa Bhai Dilbagh Singh & Gulbagh Singh 4:50 179
Deen Bisareyo Re Ram Simar Harjinder Singh (Canada) 11:20 357


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