Wahe Guru Kaur (WAH!)

Wahe Guru Kaur has spent a lifetime immersed in music, studying in the US, India and Africa. She accompanied the Arthur Hall Dance Ensemble to Ghana and Nigeria (1978), lived in a shaman temple in Africa (1978), composed and danced professionally for the Angela Caponigro Dance Ensemble in NYC (1983-1989), and made various trips to in India (1989-1992). Her music reflects her travel and spiritual experiences from many parts of the world.

Most Played

Title Length Plays
Sa Ta Na Ma 30:15 49,128
Wahe Guru Wahe Jio 22:51 18,387
Wahe Guru 22:03 6,926
Mool mantra 2:48 4,390
Rakhe Rakhna Har 7:06 3,830
Guru Ram Das Guru 5:14 3,433
Ek Ong Kar 7:14 3,396
Guru Ram Das Lullaby 8:16 2,954
Long Ek Ong Kars 7:42 2,922
Sat Sri Akal 7:21 2,847