Veer Manpreet Singh

Veer Manpreet Singh (Anuragi) is a kirtani based in the UK. He went to Malaysia earlier in 2006 and there made some absolutely beautiful recordings which can be found on youtube and other kirtan sites. He was also the last person to perform kirtan with Ishmeet Singh in Malaysia. Singh regularly participates in university Sikh Society kirtan events.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Tera Naam Rurro 19:32 1,343
Mai Neer Vahai 14:53 1,316
Aad Gureh Nameh 7:05 1,213
Tohi Mohi Mohi Tohi 7:52 1,061
Gurdev Mata 6:47 1,031
Chojee mere govinda 10:54 1,023
Mere Madhoji 30:45 1,006
Sat Sat Sat 23:46 991
Mann Re Prabh Ki 16:56 965
Brahm Gyani 15:33 910