Singh Kaur

Singh Kaur possessed both a keen compositional mind and a striking, crystalline voice. Singh Kaur's musical journey was one of unique and magical magnitude. Her music reached a wide audience through the hugely popular Crimson Series albums recorded with Kim Robertson. Shortly thereafter, she joined Soundings of The Planet to produce her first Billboard-charting album, Instruments of Peace (1988), followed by What Child Is This, a Christmas album produced with Dean Evenson.

Most Played

Title Length Plays
Rakhe Rakhan Har (31 min) 31:25 9,097
Ardas 32:33 7,034
Guru Guru Wahe Guru 38:34 5,414
Waheguru Simran 45:12 4,433
Aap Sahai Hoaa 27:11 4,148
Har Har Mukande 34:53 3,921
Beloved God 3:21 3,330
Rakhe Rakhan Har 26:26 3,327
Aad Saach Jugaad Such 35:27 3,093
Rakhay Rakhanhaar 3:54 2,601
Blessings 30:56 2,504
Mender Of Hearts 33:24 2,268
Song Of Bliss 4:01 2,146
Crimson 8:45 2,135
Ad Guray Nameh 9:54 2,067
Sopurkh 5:21 2,040
Crimson 5:22 1,652
Hukam 5:59 1,349
Bhaisakhi 5:32 1,141
I Would Make Myself A Slave 4:42 1,032
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