Sat Hari Singh & Hari Bhajan Kaur

Sat Hari Sing Khalsa was born 1950 in Rostock, Eastern Germany, and won experience in several countries of the world to be devoted to Yogi Bhajan, his Kundalini Yoga disciplines, Yogi Tea, family and the singing of healing mantras. Staying in Hamburg and participating in numerous international and national projects, he is not only famous for his Golden Temple Teehaus close to university, opened in September, 2008. Sat Hari Singh_Vocals& Guitar Hari Bhajan Kaur_Vocals Thomas Barquee_Producer Yogi Bhajans name preceded his entire work like a Herold. He was the Yogi of the spiritual song. He beautifully played rhythmic instruments in many workshops, particularly in the Ladies Camp. He created spontaneously Mantra melodies. He wrote innumerable poems and songs, which will always accompany us. He explained to us that as long as our songs are sung, our way of life will exist. Many, many Kundalini Yoga students come into our classes to sing, chant and meditate with songs because it affects their souls. Yogi Bhajan brought the eternal song of Guru Nanak into the west, the treasure and laughing heart of singing, that lives insinde Sikh Dharma, the soul of the Bhagats. He attracted on his way hundreds of musicians, inspired them to new compositions, sound patterns, to an never ending creative musical work.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Ra Ma Da Sa 29:44 5,126
Mera Man Loche 7:06 4,301
Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru 7:27 4,012
Ardas Bahee 7:22 3,743
Jap Ji (Musical) 34:26 3,645
Sarab Nirantar 7:42 3,555
Ad Gureh Nameh 5:27 3,062
Ra Ma Da Sa 11:11 2,630
Guru Ram Das Chant 8:48 2,113
Aad Such 7:27 1,591


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