Ravinder Grewal

Ravinder Grewal is a male Punjabi singer. He comes from Gujjarwal village in Ludhiana district of Punjab, India. He had sung many Religious songs and gave many of Hits albums to the Punjabi music industry. He also has produced a Punjabi-language film, Raula Pai Gaya, through his own production house. 

Here is no doubt in the fact that he has a large fan following not only in India but also abroad. Ravinder Grewal fans comprise of children, youngsters, homemakers and even aged people. It is because of his dedication and commitment and passion for his work that has helped him earn accolades in the industry.

Most Played

Title Length Plays
Tera Bhanna Meetha lage 6:01 3,733
So Kion Manda Akhiyeh 6:40 3,311
Banda Singh Bahadur 5:23 3,241
Aavi Baba Nanaka 5:05 1,691
Padh Baani Satguru Di Ni Uth Jaag Meriye Jinde 5:41 1,561
Mera Baba Nanak 5:59 1,029


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