Mardana is a spiritual music band from Germany which emerged from the known formation Khalsa Jetha. With Mardana, the three artists have created a new musical project in which they enrobe shabads, spiritual songs and Kundalini Yoga Mantras in a virtuosic musical vestment, and that with great variety.
The compositions, mostly sung in Gurmukhi, an ancient language that evolved from Sanskrit, are enriched with English songs which creates an entrancing blend of western and traditional sounds.

The special attention of the trio lies in the multifold vocal settings, enhancing the character as a band, and finding unique expression in the choirs of many of their pieces. Mardana has a fantastic ‘Groove’: capturing beats and invigorating rhythms are their speciality, yet as important as calm pieces and soothing ballads or an ehteric chant which invites you to space away…

Every once a while, Mardana invite other guest musicians for their performances and musical productions, for example Gurudass Kaur, on whose newer albums the three have contributed a large part of the music and arrangements. Currently, Mardana is working on their new album of which some pieces will already be perfomed live.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Bahuta Karam 7:55 2,442
Aap Sahai Hoa - Shabad 9:04 1,767
Bhand Jammee-ai - Shabad 8:57 1,349
Aap Sahai Hoa - Intro 1:24 1,269
Infinite Ong 11:47 779
Moo Laalan 8:10 766
Wahe Guru Wahe Jio 6:44 743
Wahe Guru Naam Jahaaz Hai 8:34 718
Jio Bhavai 6:35 680
Bhand Jammee-ai - Intro 2:54 674


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