Lal Chand Yamla

Lal Chand Yamla Jatt was a renowned Punjabi folk-singer from Punjab, India. He also popularized Tumbi, a traditional North Indian instrument. Much of his music has been sampled by Panjabi MC.

Most Played

Title Length Plays
Akhan Baras 2:40 1,928
Satguru Nanak 3:13 1,732
Chandi Diayan Kodan 3:04 1,254
Satgur Nanak Aaja 2:44 1,056
Jag Deya Chanana 3:06 950
Naam Sain Da Bol 3:04 884
Maa Diyan Asisan 2:59 864
Nanak Vira Shahi Faqira 2:59 816
Sacha Sauda 3:24 753
Pichhli Kiti Pargat Hoi 2:36 752



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