Gurunam Singh

Gurunam Singh tours world-wide sharing his powerful and transformative music. He makes mantra chanting and devotional singing easy, vibrant, and totally accessible. "The music does all the work itself. The power of the mantras. I just get out of the way and then it's my blessing, like everyone else who comes to a kirtan, just to be there, to be part of that energy... to sing," says Gurunam.

His enthralling kirtan sound is a cross-over with influences from folk, rock, pop and country to classical indian raag. His simple devotional songs are sweet listening to sooth the mind and heart. Gurunam's heartfelt stories and humor bring forth a communion with his audiences. He is also known for his fast chanting style that gets people moving and dancing. Gurunam's 2011 "Pain to Peace Tour" was met with great acclaim. His 2012 "Change" Tour, named for his new CD, will soon be underway where he will lead workshops, kirtans, intimate evenings, and benefit (seva) concerts/projects.

His artistry, heart and spontaneous energy, elevates the vibration of any gathering. In addition to his music, Gurunam is currently compiling a book of poems to be published later this year. "You can want for other things but when you feel the touch of grace the other wants fade and you bow inside, wanting and hoping for more of that touch. It comes through yoga, meditation, service, prayer. There are many ways to reach it. Music and chanting are fast as light for the heart and soul," Gurunam explains.

Most Played

Title Length Plays
Jai Te Gung 7:26 8,100
Pavan Guru 11:32 6,852
Jai Te Gang 6:09 4,063
Mul Mantra 7:44 3,196
Sadhana 58:32 3,194
Aad Guray Nameh 7:48 3,088
Ardas 7:58 2,778
Dukh Par Har 8:09 2,547
Bhand Jameeai - Recitation 7:34 2,546
Sat Nam Ji 7:04 2,488
Ong Namo 5:42 2,217
Bhand Jameeai - Musical 32:01 2,136
Jai Te Gung (Live at SatNam Fest 2011) 31:25 2,036
Naam 6:17 2,020
Gobinday Mukunday 7:20 2,013
Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa 7:28 1,583
Ant Na Siftee 7:23 1,557
Baba Siri Chand 4:34 1,443
Har Ji 11:56 1,273
Thou Art the Lover 6:21 1,258
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