Gurujot Singh

Gurujot Singh learned some Raag Kirtan while studying in Miri Piri Academy. He also likes simple (light) tunes to get the Sangat involved, and often does a combination of styles. He plays the Dilruba, an instrument that was either played by/invented by/ promoted by Guru Gobind Singh. 

Most Played

Title Length Plays
Chaupai Sahib 6:08 5,869
Jaap Sahib 23:05 2,352
Ajai Alai 10:18 1,390
Tera Keeta Jatua Nahi 11:35 963
Tav Prasad Savaiye 4:00 639
Anand Sahib 17:17 601
Ranang Jeet Aaey (with intro) 13:19 447
As Kirpan recitation 0:22 243


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