Bhai Samund Singh Jee

Bhai Samund Singh was born in A.D....

At a very young age, approximately between the ages of six to ten, Bhai Hazoor Singh had set a vigorous training regime for his son. He was made to learn “Japuji Sahib” and “Rehraas” by heart before the age of ten. By the age of twelve, Bhai Samund Singh had learnt at least one thousand Shabads of Sri Guru Granth Sahib by heart. He had also undergone proper ab-initio training in several commonly sung “Gurmat Sangeet” and other ragas by that age. For Bhai Samund Singh training in Ragas and mastering the technique of rendition was a lifelong obsession. Even while lying in the bed, he will have his Tanpura by his side. He experimented with singing each Shabad in several Ragas and Talls (beats). Some of the Ragas were prescribed in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, others were similar in “Thath” and some were purely based on the time of singing.