Bhai Niranjan Singh (Jawaddi Kalan)

At the age of 13 (Approx 1980) Bhai Niranjan Singh Ji started Guru Ghar Di seva and was sent to help his brother Karam Singh who was the granthi at the Gurdwara in Pind Jwharke near city Mansa. They needed someone to help in the lanagar seva, so Bhai Sahib stayed there for 3 years, where he started his initial basic kirtan and Gurbani Paath training and was taught by his grandfather and elder brother.The first shabad that Bhai Sahib learnt was: 'JALLO AISI REET JI MEIN PYARI VISARI'
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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Sukhmani Sahib 90:56 20,745
Waheguru 71:59 18,095
Kar Kirpa Vaso Meray Hirday 10:14 14,643
Naam Simran 21:42 12,551
Mere Har Jeeo Sabh Ko Tere Vass 11:38 11,241
Ja Tu Mere Wal Hai 7:46 8,890
Aukhi Ghari Na Dehkan 6:33 7,610
Bandana Har Bandana 9:50 7,146
Raehras Sahib 29:49 6,916
Re Man Aiso Kar Sanyasa 9:12 6,513


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