Bhai Jivan Singh

Bhai Sahib is well known in sikh panth for Nimrata, Sewa and His life. It is the virtues of Guru, such a pure humility, that pulls at peoples hearts. When Operation Blue Star happened in India, a year later a big march was organized (an annual event) in Washington, DC. All the "leaders" made big speeches. Bhai Saheb Jee was invited to the podium. At the US Capitol steps he said calculated words, "Khalistaan Mangan Vaaleyo, Khalsey Bano!"

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Title Length Plays
Japji Sahib 15:03 14,153
Shabad Hazare 5:44 11,048
Aisi Preet Karo Man Mere 9:25 8,836
Jaap Sahib 14:56 7,707
Anand Sahib 10:20 4,834
Chaupaee 3:42 4,084
Waheguru Waheguru Wahe Jio 32:18 4,041
Savayeeai 2:37 3,316
Aisi Kirpa Karo Prabh Mere 10:56 2,871
Hum Bekhak Bekhari Tere 34:12 1,771


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