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Balvinder Singh (Australia)

I started learning Indian Classical music at a young age, initially by my father. I learnt classical tabla for a number of years and then went on to learn Sitar from a variety of ustads overseas. What motivates me is to break down the boundaries between music. I believe it is universal and as a first generation Australian, when I heard the sounds of Indian classical music I cant help but fuse it the music I have grown up in. I also would really like my music to help people; and Sikh scriptures have a beautiful message that I am trying to get to a wider audience. I am also trying to elevate the standard and push the boundaries of traditional kirtan, taking it to new levels.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Aisay gur ko bal bal jayay (ringtone) Aisay gur ko bal bal jayay (ringtone) 0:24 48,052
Light Light 7:00 8,574
Naam (Smooth) Naam (Smooth) 12:10 4,414
Reaching for Home (Smooth) Reaching for Home (Smooth) 7:59 3,116
Sunset Sunset 7:11 2,929
Tere Bina Tere Bina 3:58 2,866
Aisay Gur Ko Bal Bal Jayay (Crimson) Aisay Gur Ko Bal Bal Jayay (Crimson) 3:21 2,858
Naam Naam 12:14 2,711
Salvation Salvation 4:39 2,324
Reaching for Home Reaching for Home 7:59 2,242


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