Judging will be done based on the following criteria:

1. Creativity & Originality – Is it an original story that you wrote? Is the script predictable or creative and engaging? Are you doing something that has never been done before? Is the writing, directing, acting and editing imaginative and does it support the structure/story?
2. Ability to Deliver a Message – Is the film emotionally engaging? (e.g. makes you feel hopeful, challenges how you think changes your perception of Sikhi issues). Is it about a relevant sikh topic? Does it deliver its message well? Is the message clear? Is the message applicable to modern times? Is it inspiring?
3. Technical Execution – Does the entry demonstrate competent production techniques (Editing, cinematography, sound quality, graphics, lighting, image composition)?
4. Overall Impact – After watching it does the viewer say “wow, that was amazing”, or  “I’m going to show this film to all of my friends and family”? After watching all of the films the one the viewer remembers or thinks of first had the most impact on him/her. Does your entree have this ‘lasting quality’?

5. Audience Vote – Statistics from online voting will be taken into account during the judging process.

*Don’t forget that your film has to be  related to Sikhi and this year’s theme in some way.


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