Uncommon Courage

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When we talk about Uncommon Courage, we do not just mean extraordinary acts of valor, but also everyday courage demonstrated on the battlefield of life. The unseen seva that people do. The untold stories. As a sangat, one important virtue we have is the ability to see each others’ strengths. Simply by seeing them, we nurture and bring out those strengths.

Find a story that is real or fictitious:

  • Tell the untold stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

  • Show the unseen strengths/virtues in normal people that others don’t notice. Who are the unsung heros?

  • Show someone who sets a good example, faces a challenge, holds to their values, rises above the call of duty, does not succumb to pressure, becomes fearless, or does the right thing in the face of fear.

  • Highlight the moment when someone decided not to be a victim.


These are just a few ideas. What does Uncommon Courage mean to you?


Film Festival Deadline: Aug. 31


Note: There was only 1 submission in the comedy category last year. Your odds of winning $1,000 are bigger if you submit a comedy.


3 Chances for Intermediates (18-28) to win $1,000


Like last year we will award $1,000 each for the best Comedy, Drama, and Documentary.


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