Youth Film Festival 2012 Debuts With Changes

2012 SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival

This year we’re changing some things. For the first time ever, we have added a short film category. We want to see some short but very impactful films, and we think you can make a good video that is 5 minutes or less.

SikhNet Shorts - 5 min.

Our challenge to young filmmakers this year is: Let’s see what you can do in 5 minutes or less that moves people deeply, makes them laugh out loud or hits them right between the eyes!


No, we are not excluding longer films. We do want to allow young filmmakers to be able to make longer films, up to 20 min. as usual. So you still have the freedom to express yourselves with a longer film if you wish.

We’ve also upped the age range for the intermediate group to 28. This way more young Sikhs will be eligible to win either of the $1,000 cash prizes.

For the Intermediate age group, we’ve eliminated the second and third place cash prizes previously awarded and we’ve created new award categories:  Best Short Film and Best Long Film. 

More developments will be announced as we confirm the details of this years festival. Stay tuned, spread the word, and start thinking about what your film is going to be about this year.


TWO Opportunities to Win!

When you make a great short film this year you also have the opportunity to enter it into the Tony Blair Foundation “Faith Shorts” Film CompetitionFaith Shorts is an annual global short film competition launched by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation to provide young people with the opportunity to express their faith through film. (This competition has a July 9th Deadline!) The “Faith Shorts” competition gives young voices a global platform on which to showcase their films. This year, they are asking entrants to send in a 3 minute film which explores the following theme: “How My Faith Inspires Me”. You can find out the details here.  Why not submit your short film to BOTH the SikhNet Youth Film Festival and the Faith Shorts competition?




Junior – Age 11-17

First – $500
Second – $250
Third – $125

Intermediate – Age 18-28

Best Long Film (>5 – 25 min.)- $1,000
Best Short Film (2-5 min.) – $1,000

– 29 and up

Best Senior Film – certificate

+ non-cash winners  for categories like: best documentary, best comedy, best script, best production, best original music, users choice award, etc.


Submission Deadline: August 31st, 2012



Open! – Make your video about anything relating to being a Sikh and living this lifestyle.  It can be a drama, documentary, comedy, animation, song, or anything else you want to share.

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Nihang Singh Ji says:

“Let the competition begin!”