Why Be Sikh?

In todays era, many Sikh youths are confused because of their ignorance of the true values of Sikhism; thus, they are inclined to get detached from Sikhi. This film is an effort to address the common concerns of confused Sikh youths and restore their confidence so that they may be proud to be Sikhs!

3rd place competition winner in 2010
for Junior age group (11-17)

Directed by: Naanak Singh Sodhi (Age: 17)
Location: Calgary, Alberta – Canada
Length: 11 min,54 seconds


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  1. It brought several smiles. I enjoyed it. Just one suggestion: try saying just shaved instead of clean shaven. There's nothing clean about shaving (for a Sikh).

  2. Too smart for a 17-year-old! Seriously! We're talking major maturity in the head and in the heart here. Very creative, inspiring, entertaining, informative, and attention-grabbing film. A few of my own faults were brought to my attention (fear of how my dastar looks, other anxieties of being accepted, etc.), and you gave me some good food for thought. It was a very good idea to match how Sikhi fulfills the psychological needs profile (I forget the name of the psychologist). Maybe that is how Guru Nanak Dev Ji intended it to work out, to fulfull mental needs as well as to bring us closer to 'God which is obviously the strongest mental need. Your clowining of the uninformed Sikhs and the turban-shamed were very funny. Best of luck in your future work. With a head like yours on your shoulders I'm sure you're going to far places.

  3. Hey that was really good !
    You gave legit answers to all the major questions that we ask today and you answered the really simply
    i liked the random pictures you threw in there too lolll

  4. Amazing work bro… also do post ur video on networking sites like facebook, myspace… and also on youtube… this will pass the message better… thanx a lot :-)

  5. Having studied Maslow's pyramid of needs in school, it was like saying hello to an old friend again. I'd never, ever, thought of applying it to Gurdwara before! You've made some amazing points here and I'm completely impressed…great, funny and insightful video :)

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