The Golden Armor

“The Golden Armor” is the story of 10 year old Rajbir Singh, who would rather have a PS2 controller in his hand than a Gutka. Through a slightly mischievous scheme concocted by his well meaning elder brother Gurbir Singh and his friends, the gullible Rajbir finds his way (back) to the path of Gursikhi..This short film will have you in hysterics throughout, and cheering for the feisty and lovable Rajbir by the end.

2nd place competition winner in 2010 for Junior age group (11-17)


Directed by: Ajaypal Singh and Manpal Singh (Age: 13)
Location: Fremont, California – United States
Length: 24 min,54 seconds


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  1. lol no need to show off wif ur aewsome tabla skills, lol, nah only kidding, boiiz, im really prroud of ur hard work and effort, well done guys 😉 shabsh, mahraj will bless u 😀 God Bless u boiiz, im teh same age as u guys, and im planning to make a film.I have got hte scripts and all ready, now i gotta start sometime soon, ready fo rnext year 😉 . Really really really really really really proud of u guys, seriously, well done! u guys deserve a jakara! Bole So Nihal! Sat Sri A Kal
    Wjkkwjkf Jio

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