Outlaw---directorsThe movie concept was inspired by true events from 18th century Sikh history. In the Memory of the Khalsa who endured the turbulent regime of the 1700s in South Asia. For the freedom of the Panth today and thereafter.

Honorable Mention for SikhNet “Technical Merit” Award
(excellence in videography and post production)


Directed by: Jatinder Kaur & Navpreeth Kaur (Age: 22)
Location: Wolverhampton, West Midlands – UK
Length: 26 min,49 seconds





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  1. “in the memory of the khalsa”

    The khalsa still exists. Yes, those who practice Sikhism truly are the khalsa. Please don’t say anything like that again!

  2. This film was out of his world , just like the four fire balls. The graphics were amazing and the actors did a wonderful job.Me and sadude were Astonished throughout the film. GREAT JOB SHIN-KINWISH YOU WELL IN YOUR NEXT FILM. WJKK WJKF

  3. I love the music,the vidio i love the way the director has filmed it!!
    The first part is soo from tranformers nice!! :)
    Love the graphics used.I am only 13 i don’t really know much about graphics but they r awesome!!
    Nice sowrd!! :)
    Nice action packed vidio just my type!!
    Nice Slow motion!!
    Gooooooooo Singh Ji!!!!

    Raj Karega Khalsa!!!

    VGKK VGKF!!!!!

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