Marrying a Turban

Marrying-a-Turban---directorMarrying a Turban is a short photostory depicting the current mindset of a section of Sikh females who have developed an affinity towards “clean shaven Sikh men”. The idea behind this story has evolved from online discussions on various forums and it should not be stereotyped to the entire section of Sikh Females.

Honorable Mention for SikhNet “Hot Topic” award


Directed by: Jasdeep Singh (Age: 26 or older)
Location: Chandigarh, Punjab – India
Length: 6 min,30 seconds




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  1. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fatehvi m pruoud to be sikh..i like most to this video..which people said terrorist to a sikh (turbamn man) they have very bad thinking…i always like to turban & turbaned guys…

  2. Dear Brother Asish

    May lord bless all of us with peace in our hearts. You are on this website because Guru’s message provide comfort to your soul but I feel you are put off because you don’t wear turban and you don’t like turbaned people (for whatever reason).
    Guru has blessed the whole humanity & not a particular group of people. Guru’s sikh can be a 5 times namaazi (Pir Budhu Shah Ji or Pir Bheekhan Khan Ji) or someone in Udasi or Ascetic tradition as well. In Guru’s eyes “Sabhe Saanjhiwal Sadayan, Koi Na Dise Bahra Jeo”. His love is like rain pouring from the skies – for each and everyone.
    Turban is a beautiful gift of Guru – if you wish you keep this beautiful gift as the most loving possession of your life, if you don’t wish then you don’t but see to it that your comments should not leave so many bruised hearts.
    All those Hitlers, Narender Modis, Tytlers and numerous others are not turbaned people. So, it is not good to malign the whole communities for the acts of a few. I really like your honesty in putting across views (and not the views per se) and your courage to speak out your mind. May Guru bless you with more such qualities but remember – Guru’s loved one is a Saint first and Soldier second.
    Let me close with this message from Gurbani:
    with love
    Guru’s humble sikh and your Tubaned (proud) brother
    Paramjit Singh

  3. waheguru jee ka khalsa waheguru jee kee fateh! very touching video and a good job u r doing brother. keep it up! may Waheguru jee help u to promote sikhi saroop of females also. If Sikh girls themselves are not sabat soorat what will they teach to their kids about Sikhism???

  4. I wear my turban very proudly……if sum girl dont like me becus of my turban. Hey no problem…I might not like a girl who is 250lb….so we all got our likes and dislikes…..I dont care what other ppl think…… But those girls who swear they will not ever get married to turband boy… news for u stuckups…….ur groom is goin to show up in ….turban….trimmed beard….kalgi….and shirvani…..ahahahahah…..seems like gona have to get married to turban boy after all. hahahaha….hindu or sikh

  5. To Singhs…..

    stop looking like wimps and going after ignorant moni girls and then frowning when you get rejected. No offence but if you get rejected by a moni girl-you deserve it for going after her in the first place.

    Guru ji gave you honour, why go proposing to girls who can’t accept you for who you are and don’t know anything about this beautiful culture? There are plenty of beautiful gursikh girls willing to marry turbaned sikh men. If your parents look in the right places, they will find them.

    Men with turbans are true men because they don’t try and look feminine by removing their facial hair. There are plenty of other girls out there that think like me. Look to Guruji’s sanctuary and you’ll find your dreams. No need to look elsewhere.

    Vaheguruji ka Khalsa Vaheguruji ki fateh

  6. This clip totally shows the dire state of the majority of girls in the sikh community today. The girls father and brother wore a turban the girl looked like she cut her hair and shaped her eyebrows. ( A girl from a gursikh family looking for a clean shaven partner) This is the case in most gursikh families where the men have unshorn hair and the women cut their hair, shape their eyebrows etc.
    So now lets look at the next generation….. most turbaned guys who do manage to get married will be so frustrated that the majority of them will not want their children to have this sikhi saroop. There will be less gursikh children in schools and colleges so it will be even harder for those that do decide to follow the guru’s word and keep unshorn hair.
    It has been sikh women all through out history who have given birth to and nurtured the great Khalsa warriors
    Muslims have tried to kill us off, British have tried, Hindus tired, ALL FAILED, Looks like it will be our own mothers and sisters who will succeed.

  7. pa ji tusi ek dum sahi movei banai hai je asi hi apne virse nu bhul javage jeda virsa sanu sareya nu apne bajurga to milya hai koun kenda hai pagg ban ke asi sone nahi lagde asi una clean shave waleya to karoda guna change ha kyo ki asi apne virse nu kayam rakheya hoya hai una wangu apne virse to muh nahi modeya va

  8. girls dont admit this though they dislike turbans but feel bad on the inside and wont say it straight up and they will deny it but their actions prove it. for example if 95 percent of sikh girls marry clean shaven guys then their kids will obviously have cut hair also so the next generation of kids with unshorn hair especially boys who have long hair do a joora and cover it with a patka will be rarely seen. the kids who keep their hair will have a harder time keeping their hair due to sticking out in their own community basically this is the fault of the girls weather they want to admit it or not.

  9. also in sikh culture the hair aspect of sikhi is always pushed more on the boys more than the girls. look around and see many more males keep their hair than our females. its hard to even find a girl nowadays that is young and keeps her hair intact while still there are many males who keep their hair and beard uncut. i think sikh community should focus on females also and teach them about the importance of trying to marry a sardar and learning to respect the pagg. unfortunately we live in a society where the good looking guys are all clean shaven and turbans are not even shown as being appealing, this effects the girls alot and many parents don't care either parents are just happy that the girl is marrying a punjabi sikh guy (even though he has a haircut) because they are scared the girls might marry white or non-punjabi guy.

  10. very nice video
    bt did any body noticed that the girl in the video has her hair cut???????
    is sikhism only for boys?? y parents only force sikh boys to have hair while all sikh girls get their hairs cut,do waxing and threading bt no one says them anything …but if a boy gets his facial hair trimmed then all so called religious people get angry and start narrating the sikh history?? is this the right thing to do
    ?? sikh female shud be given lessons first then only sikhism cud be saved!
    even this happened with me..i proposed a girl whome i reallly liked and we were good frndz but her rply was i dnt like sikh men they dnt look good…if u trim ur hairs then i can marry you(even though she herslf being a sikh) now wht do boys like me do?

  11. It is so sad when sikh girls say they don’t want to marry a turban boy. I remember when I married my husband (who wears a turban by the way). All my extended family were in shock, that how is it that you married someone with a turban. My response was that I never put that down as a condition for my partner to be. I just got lucky. My dad wears a turban, my brother has cut hair. I also cut my hair and shape my eyebrows, but my religion is important to me and I intend to bring up my children that way too. Although I am well aware that I need to lead by example. However, please do not class all sikh girls in the same category, they are not all the same!

  12. I am Jagjeet from Canada and I was about to cry while watching your video. It's wonderful….awesome….a great lesson for sikh girls. By the way I am not gursikh but I married a gursikh turbaned boy and I feel proud. God job Jasdeep it up…

  13. yhea bro this is true but at some level i mean i am a sardar and i have been with so many girls especially in my college who want to be with me. its just that sardars are portrayed so poorly in media they are shown as some kind of clown we need a strict action against that because media is everything these days. anyway great message and there are many girls who want to be with sardar boys because they klnow we got the biggest package lol

  14. Hi
    The girl that you are proposing to in this video does not look like a Sikh girl either (she has clearly cut her hair). What does it say about your choice here???

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