84 Plus 25

84-plus-25---directorThis is the movie about a kid knowing about 1984 Sikh genocide in New delhi and gets very disturbed about the fact that in 25 years noting has been changed, no justice for Sikhs.

Directed by: Kirat Singh Shahi (Age: 12)
Location: Union City, CA – USA
Length: 5 min



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  1. I hope we learn something from the kids and unite to get justice for our sisters and brothers.
    Lets not forget what happened in 1984, with the grace of god we will bring justice will be delivered.

  2. its a shame we are 4 getting it in india but children like u are the type of people sikhs need in stead of hiding facts n living like slave in india we need to speak up

  3. Indeed a touching movie with a great message!!
    We failed, but I hope movies like this will help our kids to analyze why we Sikhs who are suppose to be saint-soldiers became so weak to suffer such heavy losses?
    Why we did not get justice in the past 25 years?
    And are we ready to prevent another ..84.

  4. Good job. Never give up Guru ji’s given Shastars, be Amritdhari, learn martial arts and self defense so that no 1984 can ever happen again with Sikhs.

    Khalsa Soe jo Kare Nit Jang

    Guru Rakha

  5. May Almighty Waheguru ji bless you all. All of you have done a great job for Sikh community messaging not to forget 84 massacre. Even in delhi people might have forgotten it all. Khalsa hamesha taeyar bar taeyar rehna chahida hai.

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