Roots And Wings

The U.S.A is proudly known to be the Melting Pot of the World. But a teen Sikh American is not comfortable with the idea of assimilation at the cost of diversity. He would  rather see his country to be a salad bowl where uniqueness is a good thing as long as it’s accompanied by co-existence.

Angad’s second documentary  ‘Roots and Wings’ poses  the question if one has to cut off their roots in order to spread their wings and soar high. He highlights the challenges the Sikh Youth face every day being both American and Sikhs, the spirit with which they overcome them and what they expect out of their fellow citizens.

The documentary speaks to anyone that faces challenges on account of being ‘different’ – whether visibly or ideologically. It persuades the audience to expand their horizons and think beyond stereotypes.

More About the Film:

1st place competition winner in 2008
for age group 11-17

Directed by: Angad Singh (Age: 15)
Location: Roswell, GAUnited States
Length: 29 min, 58 seconds


NOTE: This documentary was recently finished and re-sent to us to showcase on SikhNet. It was not complete when it was submitted in 2008 to the film festival, even though it won first prize in 2009. The video will not be in the 2009 competition.

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  1. I really liked the way to set the pace, stayed with the theme and interjected lots of interviews with people expressing their views from their hearts.
    Gr8 job.

    Being a UK born person myself, I found the parallels between our lands and challenges fascinating, i.e: In the US 2nd, 3rd Gen Sikhs have also experienced & continue to experience a sense of ignorance from those around them? Therefore, we need more film makers like you to help people understand who we are in terms of our heritage and message. We defend the defenceless, are humble and believe in equality.

    We need people to recognise that mutual respect is key for a better world and your video helps us identify with this goal.

  2. Wow! We have a promising documentarian in our community. We hope that you will reach to many schools in the USA and open their minds on the challenges of the Sikh Youth; while educating them about Sikhism!

    Wish all young people will share this documentary with their friends and schools.

    B Singh

  3. I found your video via the internet. I was doing a research paper on Sikh community.

    Your video was knowledgeable and very, very well done.

    You’re speaking during the video was flowing like you have produced a lot of videos and done a lot of public speaking.

    Good Luck in your amazing future ahead.


  4. Dear son
    My son gurleen told me about you, he got inspiration from you at akal academy you are one of the real solder of gurmat. Jitender singh

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