Darsh Flies High

I think the accomplishments of my brother Darsh should be known in the Sikh community. He sends out a great message for us; with hard work and Sikh values, we really can achieve great things and that inspires me even though I grew up with him. Also, I’d like to acknowledge SikhToons.com as well for their wonderful contributions and also this creative title!

Directed by: Raj Singh (Age: 19)
Location: BoerneTX – United States
Length: 3 min,28 seconds

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  1. hey…this is just very unbelievable….that was just fabulous…you, for sure, have got those skills to play this sport..just a little more practice every time n u’ll be just perfect very very soon….u represent all of us in front of that crowd n everyone who watches u playing…..Just keep up that hard work n let everyone be left pondering of what just happened.Wsh u good health for playing n very best of luck for future performances.[\/ PEACE \/]!!

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