Why is it when I pray everything gets significantly worse?

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Why is it when I pray everything gets significantly worse?

Postby Guest » Sat Sep 08, 2018 7:29 pm

Hi there,

I am a practising Sikh but debating on not. I feel like they days ikmtoo ill to pray go better for me than days I do pray. I do most of my baniah everyday and I am self taught. My grandad helped me understand more about sikhi but now I’m feeling fully crushed.

Take this week for example, on Monday my car almost got hit I was way too ill to be at work but told if I left it will effect the outcome of my probation. Tuesday, I had my 121 moved with my manager I ended up having a temperature that could have put me back in hospital. Wednesday, though I got a pay rise my work friend told me I overshadow him and Work and a lot of other things he went on to the point of my mental health starting to break. Thursday, the guy from work bullied me for talking to a different Work friend as well I wanted an opinion. Oh then I went to pick up my prescription for my new chemo tablets and well the gp messed up fully so I had to wait an hour for him whilst being angry as my care alarm was not stopping at all. Locked out with keys is stupid. Anyway, Friday just like Wednesday and Saturday my dad almost broke my face once again because I got changed when I went out with a friend i changed into a top I just brought as well I had too.

Though this seems light work, this is a nice version my actual week has been hurting.

Phaat doesn’t seem to help it seems to break my life why?!?
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Re: Why is it when I pray everything gets significantly wors

Postby Altaica » Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:32 pm

Supplication is one of the most Manmukh things there is to do.
SGGS Page 519, Line 2
His Court is eternal and imperishable; I humbly bow to Him. ||4||

Page 552, Line 3
O Nanak, whatever the self-willed manmukh does, is not acceptable; in the Court of the Lord, he is dishonored. ||2||

Page 1023, Line 15
He alone obtains a true seat in the True Court of the Lord, who surrenders to the Command of the Commander. ||4||

SGGS Page 33, Line 16:
The self-willed manmukhs create karma, and in the Court of the Lord, they receive their punishment. ||1||

page 266
You try all sorts of things, but your thirst is still not satisfied.
Wearing various religious robes, the fire is not extinguished.
Even making millions of efforts, you shall not be accepted in the Court of the Lord.

page 469
If an educated person is a sinner, then the illiterate holy man is not to be punished.
As are the deeds done, so is the reputation one acquires.
So do not play such a game, which will bring you to ruin at the Court of the Lord.
The accounts of the educated and the illiterate shall be judged in the world hereafter.
One who stubbornly follows his own mind shall suffer in the world hereafter. ||12||
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