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iron and gold

Postby nagara » Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:22 am

Chakram was made for Vishnu from sun-dust.
"In astronomy, a solid iron star is a hypothetical type of compact star that could occur in the universe in the extremely far future, after perhaps 101500 years. A widely accepted theory of planet formation, the so-called planetesimal hypotheses, states that planets form out of cosmic dust grains that collide and stick to form larger and larger bodies. When the bodies reach sizes of approximately one kilometer, then they can attract each other directly through their mutual gravity, enormously aiding further growth into moon-sized protoplanets . Iron meteorites are meteorites that consist overwhelmingly of an iron–nickel alloy. Iron meteorites originate from cores of planetesimals. When neutrons land on a nucleus faster than they decay, elements are formed including uranium and gold. To many astronomers, those requirements implicate one specific kind of object: a supernova."

Often chakram are decorated by tiny incisions made into the steel into which gold is hammered. Kings of Thailand and Indonesia said they were Vishnu and had the Chakra weapon.

Near Melbourne Australia , Warrandyte translates as "that which is thrown" : "Bunjil, the great eagle, the all-powerful, ever-watchful creator of the world, had once gazed down upon his people from the Star Altair and seen their wrongdoing. Awaiting their return, with a mighty crash of thunder, he hurled down a star to destroy them. Where star struck created the gorge we see today. Bunjil's people always remembered the spot. They called it Warrandyte, .."
Skt / Javanese warane dyuti "star of choice".

Gold was discovered there in 1851 , the remains of the gold sun-dust chakram from a nuclear supernova.
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