Paagri Styles? Paagri for short kesh?

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Paagri Styles? Paagri for short kesh?

Postby GoraySeeker » Fri Jun 22, 2018 9:27 am

Sat Sri Akaal!

I've noticed several different styles of Turban worn by Sikhs. There's the stereotypical one that makes an inverted "V" on front, the Dumallah worn by Mohamed and most 3HO I've seen, Keski, Parna, a more tubular sort with a round top, but not the precise layered look of the Dumallah, that I see worn mostly by women, but also by some YouTube personalities like Baabu, and a few others.

What are the historical, political, or ideological contexts of these varieties? If I choose to wear one, will that cause other Sikhs to draw conclusions about me that might be inaccurate?

I'm a new Sikh. Before I began attending Gurdwara about 6 weeks ago, I had a fully shaven head and a short goatee. I'm basically growing my kesh from zero, and my hair is only about 5/8" long at the moment. Are there by suggestions for a paagri that works with almost non-existant hair?

Thanks in advance
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