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FREE Tommy Robinson

Postby singh4u » Sun Jun 03, 2018 4:26 pm

First of all this is matter of for all Sikhs and Sikh related. Tommy Robinson ( nickename used) has been a great person with good knowledge of Sikhs involved in world wars. He has been on Sikh channel in UK.
I hope sangat can research or i will be glad to provide posts.

Lately Tommy has been exposing the rapists in UK ( mostly from middle east) these persons have been grooming young British girls age as young as 12 and teens. Drugging them, beating them, blackmailing, torturing and gangraping. If i was to post links i would be swamped with so many references such as Rochdale 1400 girls. Meanwhile UK police keeps silent for years fearing blacklash and label as rascist. These reasons are so absurd and unacceptable.

Now latest at court in UK, Tommy exposed them which are already known on Police websites. Tommy was warned and given suspended sentence. Tommy again took his time out leaving wife and children to expose these culprits in leeds.
This time he was arrested given lawyer and sentenced to 13 months jail in Hull prison. The very same prison where middle east men are waiting to kill him. This type of arrest have never been heard of? never

I please request your help. I will provide links so you can verify, As Sikhs we need to support any way we can!

Forgive me for any mistakes


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