Non punjabi / India Sikh girl

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Non punjabi / India Sikh girl

Postby Giggles » Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:20 am


I am Sikh born into a Sikh family grew up hearing stories of Guru Babaji's and Sikh warriors from my grandmother.
Those initial years instilled such pure and pious values of Sikhism that gives me strength and peace is something which will never leave me although I study other cultures and religions with great interest.

Although I am not a perfect Sikh in my outlook but inside I don't think I could be more of a Sikh ( I don't want to offend anyone) a Sikh is a Sikh regardless of outlook as long as one has the values.

I am in my early thirties person of varied interests who loves travelling and a passionate collector etc etc...I have always felt more inclined towards women of different cultures since it interests me understand and learn about other cultures at same time give an insight into my own.

I am looking for a Non punjabi/Indian Sikh girl for a serious relationship and when I say non punjabi/Indian it has nothing to do with the physical aspect because I think punjabi women are among most beautiful but to the fact that the other cultures attract me great deal , I would like to know if there are any personals or a website where I can look ? I would Commit to only one woman in my life so my search is on...Any leads will be greatly appreciated as I have no clue.

Thank you for your time.

I hope this post is not violating any rules of it is please free to remove it.
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Re: Non punjabi / India Sikh girl

Postby AaKaur » Tue Sep 11, 2018 12:18 pm

My son will probably marry a non-Sikh. I'm not happy about it but suppose will need to accept his decision. I think it's the whole 'one family mrrying another family' thing he doesn't like. Have you thought about how your kids would be raised? As Sikhs? You sound like an intelligent young man so it should be easy for you to meet other people. If you're in higher education, have you tried uni events? Unis/colleges usually have these sorts of clubs. Or you could try volunteering in the country you wish your future bride, to be from. A (Christian) work colleague did that in Sri Lanka and they've been married for 24 years.
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