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Nitnem has been given to recite daily. Everyday each of the Banis in your Nitnem will give you nourishment in many ways. To maintain a daily Nitnem is challenging, especially during busy days or when your mood may be low, however, trying to make up a Nitnem by reciting two the following day is not advisable. Just like missing a meal, missing a daily Nitnem cannot be replaced by making up for it at another time - that opportunity for nourishment has already passed. If such an occasion happens, you can always go to the Guru and seek forgiveness with an Ardaas.

If you find you’re struggling to find time for your Nitmen, it maybe the case that your Nitnem is not a top priority in your life and this is something that can be addressed. Perhaps if you’re beginning your journey into Sikhi, your Nitnem can simply start with Jaap Ji Sahib and slowly you can build towards the five Banis.

For those who are trying to challenge themselves to extend their Nitnem by reading numerous Banis or re-reading Banis and are struggling, consider the following: one important point Guru Gobind Singh Ji mentions in regards to reading extra Banis is that it’s not necessarily the number of times a Bani is read but the effort and concentration that is given. For example, you can read fifteen Chaupai Sahib Paaths but if your full attention is not on reading the Bani then the virtues of that Gurbani will not be absorbed versus reading one extra Chaupai Sahib will full attention where you will reap the full benefits.

Timing of your Nitnem is important also. Your morning Nitnem is designed to set you up for the day, to start your day with Waheguru on your tongue, that when you wake up you’re immediately connecting with the permanent essence inside of you. Your evening Nitnem is designed to give you a boost mentally and physically after a day of work/study etc.

What is something you can improve upon for tomorrow’s Nitnem? Remember to be kind to yourself, this is not a competition against yourself or others, this is about growing and taking further steps to connecting with your Guru and strengthening your relationship with them.

Please forgive any mistakes made in this post.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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