He is Sikh, I am American

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Re: He is Sikh, I am American

Postby Romesh Kumar » Tue Feb 14, 2012 1:31 pm

Nihal Singh Kanakpuria wrote:Whats the proof for your assertion ?, you are stereotyping and showing the entire sikh community in a bad light, implying that sikh men to be of lesser character than their other punjabi counterparts. Another example of your agenda to try and portray sikhs as negatively as possible

If you had read my text properly with no negative and deliberate intention to negatively flare it up, you would have not written what you did.

Romesh Kumar wrote:In most of the cases indians/Punjabis in general and Sikhs in particular do not like to marry white girls but befriend only.
which means that I am talking about 'cases' like this. No community as a whole is mentioned anywhere. Even a fractional percentage of Sikh or Punjabi or Indian community is not involved in such 'cases' nor coming across this kind of situation. It is your statement which is engulfing whole of the community.Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.
Secondly, my statement is based on Indian/Punjabi/Sikh culture, traditions, customs and family system not on 'character'.Again, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.
Thirdly, Sikhs are naturally considered more particular about it as uniform Sikh Rehat Maryada keeps them more closer to their religion thereby fellow religionists thereby relatively away from formally marrying outside community. Again, I am saying about 'such cases' in community not community as a whole.

Nihal Singh Kanakpuria wrote:Moderators, how long is this going to continue ?, there have been plenty of occasions where this individual has twisted facts, twisted what others have said to suit his purpose, There are plenty of impressionable minds on this forum and one cant expect someone or the other to keep highlighting negative statements that he wishes to sneak by moderators. -Nihal

Discussion is an exchange of views. Every one has his own and different opinion which is not meant to offend or slander. Moderators are necessarily not thinking the way you do.
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Re: He is Sikh, I am American

Postby Nihal Singh Kanakpuria » Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:13 am

Your "In most cases" is irrelevant, when you say "Sikhs in particular".

When you say "Sikhs in Particular" , you are singling out sikhs.

Why do you need to single out sikhs and post negatively about them ? what purpose of yours does it fulfill
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