Please suggest!

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Please suggest!

Postby GroomingSikh » Wed Nov 28, 2018 5:37 am

Hello Blessedones,

To start with, I am not sure where I am heading!

I have 4 years old son and married from last 8 years, originally from India but in Aus now from last 5 years now. To start with, I really never wanted to leave India as I am very home loving and maybe never wanted to step out, but had to coz of family conditions. I have been out of home from last almost 18 years now.. did my Engineering, job, heading to US for 6 years (got married meanwhile), came to Aus (in 2014) and here I am with son and wife.
My motive in life has always been be with my complete family, my parents and my wife n son, however whenever I call my parents to visit my wife gets very uncomfortable as she looses 'control' on house and me! I didnt bother too much in past but recently when my parent just came she was vocal enough to say out that she wants to be alone! This is my house! This is my house! was what she keeps on saying everytime..screaming!!
My parents literally faced worst time of their lifetime! and eventually decided to just leave. back to India.
I am the only son and Honestly cant sleep at night thinking I have left my parents alone when they need me most and only coz my wife is such an evil ( per me).
I am in course of divorcing my wife and infact she is also saying the same..(if you want to be with your parents, leave me and your son! just give me roof to live under, these are her words)
I really cant live without my parents and also without my son. I just cant decide where do I head. I love my son and want my son to see Grandparents, like I did. and really want my parents to be with my son... but my wife is making it worse!

I am sure you may have many questions.. but I wanted to keep it brief and to the core of the issue.

Can you please suggest what do I do? please!.
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Re: Please suggest!

Postby Harbhajan S. Sangha » Fri Nov 30, 2018 12:13 pm

It would appear that you failed to address on the tug of war between your wife & your mother since your marriage. This has gradually built up to the present situation of a BROKEN marriage. There is lack of trust and commitment between you & your wife whereby she has give you a choice to leave. You have divided loyalty to your parents & wife, instead of bringing a BALANCE to this relationships. The courts these days give mothers full custody of the children with proper life maintenance, up to age 18 years.

I suggest you seek the advice of a professional marriage counselor besides seeking legal advice to endeavor to create a win/win situation at this late stage. Caution: BROKEN HEARTS CAN SELDOM BE MENDED!​
With Divine Love & Blessings of Waheguru Ji, may you all enjoy: peace, unconditional love, light (enlightenment), health, happiness & prosperity in life !
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