Could someone help me interpret this Shabd

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Could someone help me interpret this Shabd

Postby Jpure » Tue Oct 17, 2017 3:19 pm

Hi Everyone, and thank you in advance for checking my post.

I have recently been given a shabd and need help interpreting the meaning.

Could you please help me interpret the following:

The lord is with me
The messenger of death does not approach me
God holds me close in his embrace, and protects me
True are the teachings of the true the perfect guru has done it perfectly
He has beaten and driven off my enemies, and given me, his slave, the sublime understanding of the neutral mind
God has blessed all places with prosperity
I have returned again safe and sound
Nanak has entered Gods sanctuary
It has eradicated all disease

In Punjabi

Sorath mehalaa 5
Naal naraaein maerai
Jamadhooth n aavai naerai
Kanth laae prabh raakhai
Sathigur kee Sach saakhai
Gur poorai pooree keethee
Dhusaman maar viddaarae sagalae Dhaas ko sumath dheethee rahaao
Prabh sagalae thhaan vasaaeae
Sukh saandh fir aaeae
Naanak prabh saranaaeae
Jin sagalae rog mittaaeae

Please help, your comments are appreciated.

Thank you kindly.
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